Miller slams idea of violence interrupters

Former Cabinet minister Leslie Miller.

Former Cabinet minister Leslie Miller.


Tribune Staff Reporter


FORMER Cabinet minister Leslie Miller slammed the idea that Carlos Reid and Rodney Moncur could be violence interrupters, saying: “This is a real country, man, stop it.”

In April 2022, Officer of the Prime Minister communications director Latrae Rahming said Mr Moncur was appointed as a violence interrupter because he understands the dynamics of communities and was trusted by people in the inner city. He said the programme was key to solving the issue.

Mr Reid told The Tribune last week that the violence interrupter programme never began.

During an appearance on Eyewitness News - “Beyond The Headlines” - on Monday, Mr Miller asked: “What are their job descriptions? Violence interrupters? What is that? Critical in doing what?

“This a real country, man, stop it. If them guys want to make a movie with those fellas fine, but this real life we are dealing with. Who the hell they are going to stop from doing something? Who? Which influence do they have on anybody in this country? Please tell me.

 “What are their credentials? Experience with what? Doing what the fellas is do, hey? That’s what they used to do? They used to kill people too and rob people? That’s where they get the experience from? Or just hanging with them?

“What about retired police officers who have distinguished records on the force? Young men who would have served their time and now would like to make a contribution? Have you ever thought of picking those people, who know who these guys are? That idea ever enters anybody’s mind?”

 Mr Miller slammed the desk in frustration.

 Earlier this week, National Security Minister Wayne Munroe said neither Mr Moncur nor Mr Reid were contracted to be violence interrupters, adding that the government wouldn’t hire such people in those positions because identifying them would make them a target.

 He said Mr Moncur was contracted as an independent contractor for community outreach, with Mr Reid a consultant for community outreach.

 Mr Miller said the country’s murder rate is like a “horror movie”.

 “I think what’s so sad is we are seeing our country crumble before our eyes,” he said. “Every day, every week, the carnage continues, and you ask yourself a question: when is it going to stop?

 “The honourable minister said that he hoped that it would subside. I don’t know how the hell you could subside deaths, but it’s like a fiction damn movie, you know.”

“You cannot expect the police to be everywhere, every time, in this little small island called New Providence.

“We have to police ourselves, we have to be better parents, we have to be better citizens. We got to stop it.”

 Twenty-five people have been murdered in the first month of this year.


bahamianson 1 week, 6 days ago

Both are consultants and have been for sometime. Had their hiring stopped anything? We have lost money and the plp had grabbed some support because of their hiring. It is all political. They cannot and have not helped.


mandela 1 week, 6 days ago

We have to police ourselves, we have to be better parents, we have to be better citizens. Amen 🙏


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