FNM needs unity to have a chance

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I WAS pleasantly surprised when I saw a photo of the Free National Movement Parliamentary caucus in either The Tribune or The Nassau Guardian some weeks ago. The surprise was seeing former FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis in the photo as well. It is no secret that there exist tensions between the Minnis and Michael Pintard camps. Pintard is in an awkward situation. In an ideal world for the Minnis faction, the Killarney MP will wrest control of the FNM from Pintard and lead the FNM to victory in the 2026 general election. I am not sure the FNM can win under the Minnis brand. It’s possible, considering the growing discontentment with the Progressive Liberal Party government. But is the FNM hierarchy willing to make such a gamble? It would then mean a decade in the political wilderness as Opposition. I believe that the best scenario for the FNM moving forward is for the Pintard and Minnis camps to simply learn to coexist under the FNM umbrella, for the good of the country.

It is important that the FNM presents a united face to the Bahamian people ahead of the upcoming general election. Bahamians need to see a party that is cohesive with Pintard and Minnis standing in solidarity. A fragmented organisation would be a turnoff to many Bahamians. If the PLP wins a consecutive general election, which would be a first for that party since 1987, let it be due to Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis’ stellar performance as leader of the country, and not because of a fractured FNM. The FNM must ensure that the PLP does not win another election by default, as it did in 2021. Only 66,407 of the 194,524 registered voters cast their ballots for the PLP. Of the 194,524 registered voters, only 126,495 or 65 percent voted. While the PLP garnered 52.59 percent of the votes that were cast, in actuality, only about 34 percent of eligible Bahamian voters supported the party. This means that a staggering 66 percent of eligible Bahamians do not support this government. Of course, the FNM also fared poorly in 2021. Only 36.45 percent of the votes cast were for the FNM.

But I am not convinced that the FNM has less than 50,000 supporters. The reason I chose to chime in on this issue is because an unreliable news source is alleging that the Pintard camp is seeking to sever ties with Central Grand Bahama MP Iram Lewis, East Grand Bahama Kwasi Thompson, St Barnabas MP Shanendon Cartwright and Killarney MP Dr Hubert Minnis. The news source is alleging that the Pintard camp plans on replacing Minnis with former Democratic National Alliance Leader Arinthia Komolafe. If the above is true -- and it is unlikely that it is -- it would be political suicide for the Pintard camp to pursue this course of action. The unnamed writer of the above is obviously aware that Thompson and Lewis are rumored to be Minnis supporters. The situation with Cartwright is baffling, considering that he is FNM deputy leader. The Cartwright angle makes this story all the more unbelievable. What’s more, any attempts to remove Minnis would result in a civil war. Minnis has far too many loyalists within the FNM, perhaps numbering in the thousands. Pintard would only alienate these FNMs at a time he’ll need all the support he can get. As well, the move to drop Cartwright, Lewis and Thompson might also cause massive disruption within the party due to all three being MPs. These men are not seatless candidates seeking to win a seat in the House of Assembly. They are all seasoned FNM veterans with clout.

The FNM is not in any position to be playing hardball with its base. For the sake of The Bahamas, it is vitally imperative that Pintard and Minnis set aside whatever differences that they have and work towards strengthening the FNM. Whatever the results will be in the next convention must be accepted by both camps. If Pintard wins, the Minnis camp must accept the wishes of FNM delegates and move forward. The same applies for the Pintard camp.



Grand Bahama

February 20, 2024.


ExposedU2C 2 months ago

There will be no FNM until evil Minnis is jettisoned from the party and forced to become an independent. The voters in the Killarney constituency did the country a grave disservice by allowing this tyrannical and authoritarian wannabe dictator to keep his seat in parliament.


sheeprunner12 2 months ago

Pintard is Brave's shadow ...... The FNM cannot win with him. Hubbigitty will ensure that Brave wins again to complete the unholy Trinity of SLOP proteges.

The FNMs only chance of winning 2026 is with Hubert Minnis. Brave wutless reign since 2021, has made many Bahamian voters rethink their shallow reasons for voting out HAM.

Minnis will make an FNM comeback because Pintard is a stupid lightweight who licks HAI & Brave's asses for brownie points. Minnis is a real FNM.


ExposedU2C 2 months ago

Whenever the name Hubert Minnis is mentioned, most Bahamians immediately cast their minds to his horrifying decisions made in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian and during the COVID pandemic that resulted in thousands of people losing their lives. The very evil, ruthless and tyrannical Minnis has more blood on his hands than any other Bahamian in the entire history of our country. That's a simple fact that many would be wise to never forget. And to think it was Hubbiggity who, as a sore loser against Vomit Christie, opened the door for Minnis to become PM.


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