Is two-state solution truly viable?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The United Nations, America, UK and various other nations and organisations are again purporting the ever scarce idea of the Two State Solution to Israel and the Palestinians’ problems, basically that one controls the landmass once owned historically by the other.

Two State (multi-state) configurations can only exist as a relationship between two people can.

They must willingly, observantly and honestly communicate with each other.

They must be able to discuss(not accuse) each others foibles openly, honestly and directly.

Differences between the two must not perpetuate a division, but lead to co-operation and a solution to problems.

Both sides must acknowledge that there are differences between them that may not change and that is OK.

It is best to have religion unite a couple, but self-realisation could point to differences that each are willing to work on.

The interjection into the situation by an outsider (super powers) can initially help, but this assistance can become over bearing, controlling and selfish (what does the super power want?) Both members of a two-state situation must be united in their efforts to improve the state of their populations equally, honestly and in a sharing state of mind.

Can Israel and the Palestinian Diaspora become neighbours? Well they have had over 70 years to work that out, and look at what is going on right now. Israeli forces are driving Palestinians out of Gaza, Hamas and other forces are continually fighting as guerrilla/urban/terroristic fighters demanding not a dual or two state solution, but the destruction of their Jewish neighbours, Israel. No amount of marriage counselling will unite them, let alone have them honestly speak to each other.

The military are in control now, and have had their influence increase over the many years Israel has existed. Super Power’s such as the USA, EU, Russia and China along with the neighbourhood trouble makers Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia have skin in this game, and all want a Jewish Free Middle East. No other way of saying it folks. This hatred has torn Israeli against Israeli, Arab, Persian and Bedouin alike looking out for themselves with their own bucket list, all having the destruction of Israel in capitals.

Ask an Indian or Chinese person if arranged or forced marriages work? That is what a two state solution requires, the forcing of two nations to marry into their situation, and somehow peace, tranquility and love for the other will develop.

In Sept 2022, an estimated 22 million people lived in forced marriages, with this increasing by six million from the 2016 statistics. The United Nations call this form of union as “Modern Slavery”, often a financial or societal agreement in place where social status and money change hands, and the two married placed in a situation where one of them gets what they want while the other is forced to submit. Will either Israeli or Palestinian submit to the other? Think not.

Suggestions to stop conflict? 1 Have Israel or Palestinian Diaspora transplant itself to PEI, Newfoundland or perhaps Texas/Alberta (imagine what they would do with the desert).

2 Israel pays 1 million dollars (borrowed from USA) to each Palestinian, so they can live anywhere they wish.

3 Force every Israeli male to marry Palestinian women, creating generations that will return to their historic nature.(Palestinians and Israelis are of the same people/tribes).

4 Eradicate all hardliners within either Palestinian or Israel leadership. Some hardliners will never end their mission to destroy each other.

5 End all interference from Super Power brokers and financiers alike. People are making money from this conflict, otherwise it would have ended long ago.

6 Simply let the two antagonists kill each other until they both realise the futility of their hatred, killing and mistrust.

Understanding the history and very nature of this historic conflict will lead you to many realisations, but few solutions. As people in the millions, Palestinians and Israelis will always fight each other. It an historic imperative. Israelis can open their hearts, minds and wealth to assist their opponents, perhaps realise only they can stop this madness. A final solution for haters, professional terrorists and profiteering middlemen who encourage this cultural divide maybe considered. Something needs to be done with the bullies in either camp, those who insight this horrible mess, for ego and wealth.

Palestinian poem/song: “May we find the language that takes us to the only home there is, one another’s hearts” (tasting the sky).

Ann Frank wrote...”Our lives are fashioned by our choices. First we make the choices. Then our choices make us”.

Beautiful wise words don’t you think. The answer to these two peoples problems can be found in these two quotes.

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario,

February 23, 2024


Porcupine 2 months ago

Not everyone believes the bible is a property conveyance. You can convert to being a Jew. Can you convert to being Palestinian? I hear all this talk about solutions being ephemeral. Nonsense. We have just been brainwashed to think we do not have the capacity for reasonable and just solutions. Not everyone will be happy, but that does not mean the solutions are not just.


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