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Wind and Thunderstorm warning: Monday 8.00am-12.30pm

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Radar could not track rainstorm

AS a weather system brought heavy rain and flooding to New Providence yesterday, a senior weather official said the Department of Meteorology’s radar was not working, meaning there was no way to tell how bad the flooding was or which areas received the worst of the rainfall.

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Hurricane Matthew overshadowed by monster storms of the past

WHILE Matthew is being called the worst storm many Bahamians have ever experienced, one meteorologist fascinated by hurricane history says it does not match up to some of the destructive storms of the past.

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ALL CLEAR: The Bahamas starts to recover from monstrous Matthew

HURRICANE Matthew left behind a trail of destruction, flooding, downed lamp poles and electrical lines and residents eager to re-establish normal lives after battering the Bahamas for three days as a dangerous category three and four storm.

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More than 400 rescued from homes by police

MORE THAN 400 pople were rescued from their homes in eastern and southern New Providence as flood waters began to rise more than four feet during the passage of Hurricane Matthew, according to Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade.

North Andros ‘took the brunt’

NORTH Andros “took the brunt” of the eye of Hurricane Matthew on Thursday evening, resulting in extensive damage, according to administrators on the island.

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Significant damage to 95% of buildings in Eight Mile Rock and Holmes Rock

NINETY five per cent of the buildings in the Eight Mile Rock and Holmes Rock areas in Grand Bahama received significant damage from Hurricane Matthew on Thursday night and Friday morning, Brenda Colebrooke, the island administrator for West Grand Bahama, said.

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Hurricane Matthew could ‘loop’ back to the Bahamas

THERE is a possibility that Hurricane Matthew will “make a loop” and return to the Bahamas next week, Deputy Director of the Department of Meteorology Basil Dean warned on Friday.

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'I have never been in a hurricane as strong as this'

LONG TIME resident of Lyford Cay Kim Aranha remembers Betsy in 1965 as a category 4 hurricane striking the Bahamas – but with nothing like the “relentless" force that Matthew brought on Thursday with 140mph winds that battered New Providence.

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Inagua residents ‘comfortable’ with preparations for storm

RESIDENTS in Inagua were feeling the effects of Hurricane Matthew Tuesday afternoon, however officials expressed “comfort” with the level of preparation carried out ahead of the storm.

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Southern islands hope not to repeat Joaquin errors

AS residents of the southern Bahamas brace for Hurricane Matthew, they are avoiding the errors that caused last year’s Hurricane Joaquin to devastate their property.

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New Providence to be among the hardest hit

NEW Providence is expected to be one of the hardest hit, if not the most impacted island, as Hurricane Matthew barrels its way through The Bahamas until Friday morning, according to Bahamas Department of Meteorology Senior Deputy Director Jeffrey Simmons.

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‘Move inland to higher ground’

PRIME Minister Perry Christie urged Bahamians to take the “potentially catastrophic” category four Hurricane Matthew seriously and prepare for the “worst case scenario” as he suggested that the government is fully prepared to declare a state of emergency if officials find that the monster storm causes irreparable damage to the country.

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Mighty Matthew threatens heavy rains, high winds, huge surf and devastating storm surge

Mighty Hurricane Matthew has shrugged off its encounter with a landfall on the southwestern tip of Haiti between 7am and 9am on Tuesday morning, and remains an extremely dangerous Category 4 storm with 140mph winds as it plows north at about 9mph over the eastern tip of Cuba. Now Matthew is set to carve a destructive swath across The Bahamas.