Dora Christina Jones-Dean

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Garnet Funeral Service For Dora Christina Jones-Dean age 71 years of #11 Sunrise Road, Gamble Heights off Blue Hill Road South and formerly Duncan Town Ragged Island, will be held on Saturday, August 24, 2013 at 2:30pm at Bethel Baptist Church, Meeting Street. Pastor Timothy Stewart, assisted by Rev. Melvin Grant and other Ministers will officiate burial will be in the Church’s Cemetery, Meeting Street.

The Radiance of this “Garnet A Gem” will always glow in the hearts of her:
Two Sons: Wendell G. II (Rosemarie) and Dwaling D. O. Dean (Natasha);
Three Daughters: Doreth C. Dean-Campbell (Superintendent of Police Ronald A. I), Prisca Dean and Kenva V. Minnis;
Five Grandsons: Chas E. R., Wendell G. III, Darius C. W. and Dylan D. Dean and Ronald A. Campbell III;
Five Granddaughters: Latoya D. L. Parris, Taneisha A. and Taylor L. Dean, Aviyah E. and Anina E. Moxey;
One Brother: David N. Jones (Margaret A.);
Four Sisters: Mary Armbrister, Rev. Julia (Liz) Pratt, Remona McClain of Mastic Point Andros and Arabella Johnson;
Nephews Including: Kevin Sr., Demerita, Chauncey Jones, Warren, Woodrow “Woddy” of Orlando, Florida, Cornell and Tiberous Sr. of Miami, Florida, Neville II of Atlanta and Marco Wilson, Eurick, Brent, Gavin Dean, Aubrey of Miami, Florida, Retired Police Sergeant 977 Audley {Patterson}, Vincent, Police Corporal 1995 Cletis George, Laclane, Larry Sr., Randy Sr., Marvin of Hollywood, Florida, Deacon Melpert, Nathan, Shadrach {Dino} Jr. and Keno Dean, Julian A. Rolle Sr., Edric and Anthony Poitier, Marco and Marvin Strachan, Dario and Police Corporal 1470 Darrington Sands, Larry Harmon, Wayne and Maynard {Dusty} Miller, Dereck (Josey) and Gilwithney Hanna, Keith Harris (Shameka), Bradley Fox of Sandy Point Abaco, Michael and Briscoe Pratt, Sylvanus Nesbitt, Edward Johnson, Minister Kingsley (Ernestine) and Robert “Bobby” Pinder and Kareem Hanna;
Nieces Including: Evadney and Cleo Jones, Melinda Roberts and Nurse Lebronia Demeritte, Karen, Tabitha and Desiree Wilson, Juliet Wilson-Lightbourn, J. Cythella, Esperanza Denee’n Wilson-Richardson, Essimae Deveaux, Jennifer Moss, Gretta Mae Ferguson, Wendy Hill, Cleopatra Woodside, Lavenia Dorsett, Kenva and Maureen Williamson, Elizabeth of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Yvette, Holly, Dellarease, Lisa, Ursula, Tammy and Stacy Dean, Felicia Eberheart-Brown, Giavanna Smith, Juanita Albury, Shirlene Williams, Julia and Rena Rolle, Eulamae Francis, Carole Davis, Vernell Harmon, Carolyn Correa, Mattie McDonald, Delma Miller, Patricia, Chrislyn {Christy} and Nathania Dean, Wendy Connely, Terry Hanna, Gillian Bethel (Andre), Deborah Mitchell, Shain Wilkinson (Gershwyn Sr.), Charmaine Odom (Walter), Marva {Bonnie} Dorsette, Murine and Denise Miller and WPC 3011 Makelle Pinder;
Grandnephews Including: Kevin Jones Jr., Kelvin and Kahl Jones, Edvado Wood, Deontrá and Dquadre Demeritte, Tony, Kendal Rollins Dean Sr., Police Constable 1276 Taborie, Ramon, Kadesh, Clayton, Chad, Ricardo, Price Dean, Adrain Chester of Tampa Florida, Desmond McDonald, Wayde Watson, Previn and Taris Harmon, Tasean and Oscar Jr., Tashad Lewis, Larry Jr., Randy Jr., Randio and Randolph Dean, Mikus Mikula, Preston Odom, Kemron and Kevano Harris, Tychiko Cox, Damas (Lendesha), Thorne, Javis and Eric Hanna, Gershwyn Wilkinson Jr., Lucious Wicker and Avery Nesbitt I;
Grandnieces Including: Angelicka Jones, Dwinissia Rolle, Lebronique Demeritte, Lisa, Seanquil and Shequania Johnson, Deadra and Dale McDonald, Charmaine Watson, Shiela Dean, Tanyeka Collins, Takia Spencer, Cheaka Burise, Toniya Lewis, Dasha Johnson, Tonika Cox, Chyenne Wilkinson, Yasmin and Yamily Harris, Faleesha Rolle-Page, Jamie Strachan, Darcia Culmer, Shaska Munroe, Destiny, D'Ondre, Devonnia, Danielle and Gaius Miller, Lauryn Odom, Meecha Brown, Cher Williams (Donrellio), Denash Hanna and Shenika Nesbitt;
Aunt: Gloria Jones of Eight Mile Rock,
Three Brothers-in-law: Anthony V. (Bertha), S. Campbell (Linda E.) and Nathaniel Dean (Vernita) of Hatchet Bay Eleuthera;
Two Sisters-in-law: Edith Hanna of Hatchet Bay Eleuthera and Florine “Ma Flo” Wilson;
Step Grandchildren: LaRhonda Bethell, Ronald II and Bianca Campbell, Shervonne Bain and Jermaine Glinton;
Godchildren Including: Ricardo L. Dean Sr., Police Sergeant 291 Karen Nottage, Don Forbes, Daphne Evans and Lunford Bethel of Freeport, Berndalee Wilson-Mettio, Terrance Hutchinson, Ardeth Bowleg, Kevin Johnson, Len King, Josephine Fawkes, Kendal Robinson Jr., Jeff “Lill Jeff” Williams Jr., Rudolph Nottage, Voldi O'Bainyear, Teddy Thompson and Debbie;
God Brother: Chrizamuen Williams;
Special Friends: Lorna Dean of Freeport, Veronica Hamilton, Shirley Bonamy, Arlington A. and Iris Miller, Maude Sturrup, Leanor Ferguson, Marion Hutcheson, Evangelist Inez Russell, Rev. Bessie Dean and Hazel Carey of Hatchet Bay Eleuthera, Esther Winder-Storr, Betty Butler, Rosie Grant, Eric and Melvern Bain, Esther Carter, Maxine Adderley, Cynthia Duvalier, Gwen Hanna, Arimena I. Ranger, Curly Aranha, Thelma and Vernon Pinder, Elizabeth Ferguson, Mary Chea, Roslyn North, Roslyn Richie, Rev. Dr. Mary Nairn, Jenny Hinsey, Alfred Paul, Rose Eberheart of Florida, Constance Mackey and Hartlyn Roberts;
Duncan Town Ragged Island Cousins: Rev. Matthias E., Shelia Francis (Pastor Henry), Verdell Johnson (Hosea), Suzanne Hall (Steven), Deborah Bailey (Charles), Christine Docemo (Ade), Adina, Vanessa, Oscar, Dr. Myles (Ruth), Garth, Ronald, Cathrine, Maria, Christian, Alvin, Yvonne, Edward Jr., Wayne Sr., Wilbur I, Warren, Marcia, Nurse Brunell and Dr. Locksley Munroe, Valencia Steiger, Olive Thompson, Rev. Althea Davis (Bishop Ross), Kendal Marshall, Simon Sr. (Gertrude) of Atlanta Georgia, Bishop Elvin Sr. (MaeHelen) of Miami Florida, Andrew, Julian, Helen, Gretta, Nursing Officer Judy of Freeport and Reneé Bridgewater, Martha Higgs, Bishop Asa G. of Baltimore, Rev. Stephen of Duncan Town, Ragged Island, Leeton of Miami Florida, Charles (Nipier) and Captain Lee Armbrister, Verba, Calvin, John, Lester, Anne, Eunice, Mena, Frances and Brent Wallace, Edna R. Goulbourne and Grace V. Wilson of London, England, Generva M. Hayes of New Jersey, Gloria L. of Houston, Texas, Michael, Walter, Michelle, Theodore Cedric and Isaiah Wilson, Celestine Albury, Anita Farquharson, Bernadette Jennings, Charlene Neely, Ruth Miller, Coral “Phill” Bowleg-Bonamy, Stephanie Bowleg-McKenzie, Thelma Bowleg-Rolle, Fr. Dr. E. Etien and Derek Bowleg, Roceta Miller (Percy), Edith, Jerelene S., Simon D., Theodore A., Arison D. and Elma (Jill) Wilson, Elva, Paul, Captains Andy, Dave, Lynden, Gerrad, Leander, Portia, Rebecca, Pamela, Edmund, Margaret, Dr. Emil, Dr. Mortimer and Mary Jane Moxey, Dr. Linda Moxey-Brown, Grace Moxey-Simms, Hyacinth Moxey-Clarke, Casilda Moxey-McPhee, Earnestine Moxey-Currie, Eunice Fenty of the Bronx, New York, Essiemae Deveaux, Cyril, Claudine, Joann, Kevin and Delarese Joffre, Berneta Deveaux-Hichman, Joanne Callender, Lynnette Deveaux, Melodie Walkine, Marva Sawyer, Neta, Roslyn, Royaural Simeon, David, Philip and Elroy Lockhart, Leo Kirby, Atwell, Eddison, George, Osborne and Michael Pintard, Mazie Poitier, Ismae Smith, Melvern Arnette, Gwendolyn Ritchie, Delores Saunders, Stephanie Rolle, Rosemary Bowe, Tezel and Mary Butler, Marileeta, Francis, Demetris, Peter, Ian, Michelle and Maxaleeta Bethell, Avery I and Shenika Nesbitt, Nurse Karen Knowles-Gray, Emmanuel, Helen and Effie Knowles, Naomi Penn, Leander, Anita, Craig, Eleanor, Wesley, Annamae, Patrick and Clement Laverne Maycock, Robert Sr. and Kirkwood Sweeting, Sandra Woodside, Janet Allen, Norma Rolle, Henry Sr., Carnell and Elroy Ferguson Sr., Janet Nixon, Anna Hall, Lydia Jones, Mizpah Tertullien, Camille Johnson, Merlean Dames (Denver) and their Families. The Lockhart, Armbrister, Wallace, Curling, Munroe, Moxey, Maycock, Wilson, Bridgewater, Hepburn and the entire Ragged Island Community;
Hatchet Bay Eleuthera Family: Pastor Lambert R., Lady Maryanne, Deacon Martin L., Cloyde E., Audrey R. and Robert A. “Bobby” Farrington, Grant Sr. and Dexter Cambridge Sr., Meredith Newbold, Clifford “Butch” Scavella, Gilbert Kemp, Rhona Hutcheson-Bethel, Rev. Eric, Cheryl, Williamena, Judy, Calsey, Stephen, Jenny, Addilee, Leah, Spurgeon, Wyatt and Patsy Johnson, John and Stephen Coakley, Hyacinth Saunders, Sylvia Matthew, Alma Cartwright, Marina Sands, Ellen Serville, Patsy Bowleg, Eugie Turnquest, Henry L., Police Corporal 1392 Kimble A., Police Sergeant 1194 Lennis Sr., Sonya, Denzie, Tralinda and Zhryvette Wood, Patty Johnson, Rev. Marina Carey, Jeff, Frank, James and Janet Williams, Jenny Basden, Valerie Wraing, Robert {Bob}, Bernise, Rev. Carl, Coral, Cephas Sr., Antoinette, Pinder, Helena Babbs, Deaconess Janet Donahue, Rev. Kathrina Durham, Joan Dean, Vivian and Marie Rahming, Pauls Clarke, Anishka Darville, Lavern Saunders, Jack, Lynden, Peter and Lucile Davis, Berniece and Honorable Alvin A. Smith, Susan Hanna, Lillard Elliott, Florence, Sandy, Ken, Burb and Vanessa Scavella, Audrea Clarke, Michael, Cladwell Jr., Walt and Genester Farrington, Lydia Ferguson, Claudiamae Darville, Lynette Julioca, Hattie Alleyne, Velma Bain, Emily Hall, Eleanor Steel, Constance Lewis, Rhoda McQueen and their Families. The Dean, McCardy, Johnson, Carey, Brown, Hutcheson, Pinder, Scavella, Ranger, Farrington, Cambridge, Smith, Hanna, Sands, McQueen, Lewis, Roberts and the entire Hatchet Bay Eleuthera Community;
Turks Island Cousins: Evangelist Carolie Wilson, Evangelist Daisy Thompson (Rev. Gladstone), Francita Gould, Humphrey “Tee” Jones of Miami, Florida, Iris of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Delores, Lealand and Emerald Lightbourne, Bishop Joseph Sr. (Roselyn), Bishop Joseph Jr. (Mary), Bishop Gahaly (Angela), Michael, George (Sharon), Rufus (Dorothy) and Melvin Swann, Danville “Sonny” Walkine, Deaconess Geneal and Samuel Gray, Rev. Alfredo Burrows, Llewellyn Astwood, Beverly Rolle of Great Harbour Cay, Caroil Bullard, Glen and Bishop Enos Gadriner, Rev. Violet Thompson, Donald Williams, Janet “Denie” Farrington, Jeannie Williams-Hanna, Brendalee Allen (Matthew), George Jennings, Mildred Hamilton, Cestina Finley (Berkley), Minister Annis Capron (Bishop Cleophas L.), Minister Punchetta Taylor (Lay Minister Almondo), Minister Mattie Mills, Annie “Lean” Charlton (Vincent Sr.), Denise Williams, Maxwell (Pandora), Samuel “Sonny” (Michelle), Johnnie Jr., David (Deborah), Listen, Barbara, Michelle, Pamela and Beverley Jones and their Families. The Jones, Henfield, Hamilton, Hall, Missick, Wilson, Williams, Phillips, Capron, Gardiner, Astwood, Higgs, Lightbourne and the entire Turks and Caicos Islands Communities;
Other Loving Family and Friends Including: Pastor Timothy, Mrs. Sharon, T. C., Michael, Gardner, Pastor Alfred and Apostle Andrew Stewart, Hon. Alfred Sears, Archdeacon I. Ranfurly Brown, Rev. Kendal and Pastor Randy Nottage, Dr. Melanie Thompson, Rev. Charles Moxey, Ishmael Lightbourne, Ivan and Pastor Wellington Johnson, Pearl Bullard, Raymond Jr., Barry Sr., Brendan Sr., Sharon and Addie Winder, Deborah McFarlin, Rev. Dr. John N. T. Rolle, Bishop E. Randy Fraser, John and Rev. Javon Neely, Inspector Marcel Hamilton-Sands, Sergeant 1885 Wendy Farrington, Troy Sr., Trevor Sr., Kevin Sr., Jemo and Tamika S. Hamilton-Saunders, Delores Pratt, Dr. Zelrona Mackey, Bishop Neil C. Ellis, Dorothy Walker, Vanya C. Dean, Prescola Musgrove, Cephas Livingstone and Sandra Brenda Dames, Trayc Saunders-Beneby, Rev. Melvin Grant, Rev. A. DeWitt (Laurie), Chief Customs Officer Albert (Darnell), Retired Assistant Commissioner Police Kirkland (Claudette), Fr. Whitfield (Bernadette), Maurice and Police Sergeant 503 James Hutcheson I (Robyn), Rev. Pedro and Yvonne McFall, Arabella Tinker, Eulamae Patton, Howard Miller, Ed Thompson, Una and Carl Kemp, Francisca and Rev. Dr. C. B. Moss, Janet Nettie, Wenzel of Canada, Chuck, Darryl, Al, Berthman and Erma Smith, Spindy Smith-Major, Violet Williams, Esther Barry, Pastor Kevin Johnson, Reginald, Richard, Maris, Reserve Inspector Kendal, Brian, Desmond and Derek Sands, Marietta, Walter, Virley, Arthur and David McKinney, Rev. Christopher, Owen, Whittington S. W., Gesele, Joanne and Sonjia Brown, Pleasant Butler, Mecal and Edward Bain, Sheena Lightbourne, Sherrie Morley, Evangelist Phoebe Marilyn Ingraham, Rev. Dr. Reuben E. Jr., John and Nathaniel Cooper, Rev. Ruby Ann Darling, Rev. Irene A. Coakley, Fanny C. Pletka, Primrose Chase, Keith, Charles, Nathaniel and Andrew Forbes, Dorothy Butler, Andrea Forbes and Shermica McIntosh, Apostle J. Rodney Roberts, Prophet Benjamin and Sister Jacqueline Smith, Hubert, Veronica, Reuben, Ross, Oswald, Carlton and Franklyn Smith, Coral Dean, Beryl Duncombe, Leroy McPhee, Monique Forbes, Mark and Linda Wilson, Florida Butler, Hollan Wilson, Jenesta and Rex Messam, Normica Campbell, Shandella Dames, Lapage Rolle, Anthony and Sean Turnquest, Lavonne Pena, Prophetess Monique Darville, Gardenia Poitier, Tamica Hicks, Rev. Dr. Marilyn Strachan-Thompson, Alva, Edison, Kenneth, Perry, Bernadette, Eshell, Marvin, Marsha, Patrice, Pastor Patrick and Adrian Smith, Antoine and Keva Adams, Allison Basden, Valencia Saunders, Tonya and Whitfield Moss, Rev. Patricia, George, Lisa, Rev. Christina and Deacon Trevor Bethel, Vanessa Black, Verdell Johnson, Suzanne Hall, Deborah Bailey, Christine Docemo, Lurie Gibson, Bishop B. Wenith Davis (Ismae), Wesley Austin Weekes, Sidney Jones, Arlington Wood, Oswald, Melrose and Ron Pinder, Lula E. and Herman Kelly, Pansy Miller, Dr. Flo Carter-Gittens, Bruce and Una Delancey, Angie, Daisy and Keisha Russell, Elva Russell-Rolle, Delores, Henry, Christopher, Teresita and Gina Nottage, Michelle Nottage-McPhee, Andrea Pinder, Nellie and Kenneth Strachan, Maggie Harrison, Marguerite Hinds, Pauline, Deborah, Thomasena and Carla Porter, Bricemae Gibson, Sam, Kenneth, Leading Mechanic Kevin Sr., Delvin Jr., Police Sergeant 185 Elvis, Joseph and Beulah “Pleasant” Moss, Rocky and Tex Robinson, Marsha Bain, Miriam Duncanson, Susan Riley, Idel Newbold, Dwayne and Ricardo Lynden, Charlton and Estella Romer, Craig Mitchell, Bernard Storr, Gregory Burrows, Judith Knowles, Minister Karen Stubbs, Rochelle Morley-Stuart, Ruby Morley, Caphy Morley-Smith, Phenice Morley-Major, Earl, Earline and Cynthia Bastian, Sherrilyn Wallace, Eulie Elliott and their Families;
Special Thanks To: Doctors Tyrone “Butch” Barlett, Delton Farquahson, Sabriquet Pinder-Butler; Nurses of Private Surgical: Lolita Pratt, Andrea Nottage, Vasthi Mitchell, Tracy Carew, Patrice Hunt, Dominique Bethel, Eunice Ojeabulu, Theresa Johnson, Ella Anderson, Santina Smith, Cassandra Neely, Mary Ramsey, Kenya and Gaynell Rolle, Jacqueline Rigby, Lelia Culmer, Tamika Brown, Betty Canter, Rose Mackey, Margaret Bostwick and Mavis Campbell.

Visitation will be in the “Emerald Suite” Emerald Ridge Mortuary & Monument Company Ltd. #20 Claridge Road on Friday, August 23, 2013 from 1pm to 6pm and at Bethel Baptist Church, Meeting Street on Saturday, August 24, 2013 from 1pm to Service time.

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