Dewitt Uzziah Duncanson

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Funeral Service for the Late Evangelist Dewitt Uzziah Duncanson, 68 years of Sea Beach Estates, will be held on Sunday July 21st, 2013, 2:00 p.m. at Zion Baptist Church, East & Shirley Streets. Rev. T.G. Morrison assisted by Rev. Ulric Smith and other associate Ministers/Deacons and Evangelists will officiate. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Soldier Road.

Left to mourn the passing of this great warrior of God are: Wife: Pamela Duncanson; Children: Mavalo Duncanson, Rev. Lavado Duncanson, Devono Moss, Samantha Cooper Duncanson, Keturah Clarke-Duncanson and Dewitt Duncanson, Jr.; and adopted son Evang. Gregory R. Miller, Sr. and family; Daughter-in-Law: Camille Duncanson; Son-in-Law: Trevor Moss; Grand Children: Justin Cooper, Yael Duncanson, Sydney Duncanson, Dalyn Clarke-Curtis, Sage Duncanson and Micah Moss; Sisters: Jessica Duncanson, Keturah Ferguson and Gweneth Smith; Mother-in-Law: Theresa Kelly; Sisters-in-Law: Valarie Duncanson, Vivian Rolle, Edith Toote, Ethlyn Rolle and Millicent Kelly; Brothers-in-Law: Winsett Kelly, Rev. Berkie Rolle, Christopher Toote and Arthur Rolle. Numerous nieces, nephews & their families including: Duncanson: Humphrey (Marilyn), Nathan (Norma), Spencer, Michael (Gina), Patricia, Bertrand, Cecil, Rev. McPherson, Alvin, Patrick, Winston, Orthneil, George, Calvin, David, Blythe (Stephanie), Barton (Eudene), Veronica (Kym) ; Maud Jones, Elaine Cooper, Monica Sands, Maxine Carpenter, Adrianna Ferrer, Cynthia (Gregory) Mayhew and Marjorie Basden, Kennedy:  Egbert, Troy and Laureen; Been: Amelia and Doreen and Lydia Henfield; Smith: Hepzibah, Grisilda, John, Petty Officer Kingsley, Sr. of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Jerome Sr., Janice, Thomas Jr., Kelson Sr., Tamika and adopted son Prison Officer Mark, Maureen and Carlos Williams, Mabelean Ambritton and Jessica Harris; Sharon Bastian and Alice (Nathaniel) Hield. Ferguson: Jenneth, Sherwin (Yvonne), Franklin, Tracey, Adrian, Adean (Keith) Connell and Brenda Burrows.  Anderson:  Earlston, Reo, Mercedes Draggon, Dr. Lutz and Thankful Fitzgerald. Numerous grand and great grandnieces and grandnephews & their families including: Corey, Latoya, Cora, Sherwaine, Alexandria, Adrian, Caleb, Gabriel, Sherwin, Nancy, Nathalee, Nicole, Tarron, Lavado, David, Winston, Charlotte, Stony (Julie) Duncanson, Sascha, Mauvette, Eustace, Angela, Nadene, Enrique, Shawn, Renee, Kadra, Tanya, Dedric, Bryant, Abigail, Valenda, Jaola, Vernon, Lovelda, Latoya, Lysandra, Kingsley, Jr., Kieran, Jerome Jr., Vanessa, Quintin, Thomas, Tory, Kelson Jr., Taliyah,Tajae, Lydia, Lynden, Melvin, Maxine, Mack Jr., Olga, Dena and Charlene Balfour, Rashad Kelly, Monique and Winston (Tracey) Moss, Bernique Pople, Joan Cooper, Ann (Stephen) Whylly, Milton Cooper, Delisa, Brandace, Shari (John), Mario (Talia), Marcian, Owen, Deadria, Dana, Julian and Barton Jr. Other family, relatives and friends including Mary Henfield, Carrie Forbes, Saunders Henfield, Helene Hall, Olive Dorsette, Bertha and Edith Gardiner, Gwendolyn Williams, Hareward and Earl Higgs, George Swann, Bishop Joseph Swann, Cleophas Swann, Leo Swann-Palmer, Enos Gardiner, Kathleen Grant and the families of: Freeman and Pat Duncanson, Loraine and Samson Chatelain, Wenzalee and Ellis Russell, Eugene (Inez) Duncanson, Jennifer (Clive), Kim (Dino), Kayla (John), Leonard, Anthony, Gary, Pastor T. G. Morrison and Sis. Morrison and family, Rev. Ulric and Rev. Bonnie Smith, Rev. Norris and Sis. Margaret McDonald and family, Bishop B. Wenith and sis. Ismae Davis and family, Bishop Samuel and Shirley Greene and family, Rev. Dr. Wilton and sis. Marion Strachan and Mt. Moriah Baptist Church family, Rev. Richard and Cynthia Gibbs and family, Rev. Freddie and sis. Josephine McKenzie and family, Apostle Clifford & Min. Judy Smith and family, Sis. Jacqueline Smith and the Smith family, Rev. Peter and Sis. Joyce Pinder and Zion Baptist Church, Freeport, Rev. Harrington & Sis. Fraiser and family, Rev. Timothy and Sis. Sharon Stewart, Rev. Dr. Lloyd and Sis. Linda Smith and Mt. Horeb Baptist Church family, The Remnant Tabernacle of Praise church family, Suff. Bishop Duncombe & Min. Betty Duncombe and the Little Jerusalem Apostolic Church family, Zion Baptist Sanctuary Choir, Voices of Zion, all Zion Ministries, Zion United Baptist Convention, Rev. Anthony Sampson, Alpheus and Karen Sampson & family, Dec. Yelverton and sis. Jenniemae Cox and family, Judith and Holman McDonald and family, Dec. Frank Carey, Dec. Vera (Basil) Rolle and Delores Pinder and family, Evang. Sharon (Wemsley) Smith, Dec. Ella Johnson and the Jones family, Dec. Sheldon Johnson and family, Indira (Christopher) Wright, the Deaconate Board and Zion Baptist Church East & Shirley Streets family including the families of:  Dec. Walton (Cyprianna) Winters, Rev. Dr. Carolyn Rolle and Dec. John Rolle, Dec. Sheila and Godfrey Strachan, Dec. Leo and Cynthia Duncombe, Dec. Tyrone and sis. Miller, Evang. Beth Stewart, Evang. Laban and Min. Brown and family, Barbara Smith, Rev. Sam and sis. Liz Brown, Dec. Arthur Peet, Sis. Veronica Smith, Stephanie Rolle, Remelda Smith, Marina Clare, Judy Glover (Julian), Betty McPhee, Carol Johnson, Wendell Jones and Jones Communications Network, Sis. Eleanor Newbold, Bobbyjane Bastian, Mitylene Moss, Rowena Butler, Ethlyn Nixon, Ethel Lee Lockhart, Marjorie King, Thelma Pennerman, Mitylene Fowler, Josephine Parker, Captain Fernley Palmer, Beulah & Verlyn Scavella, Glenda Bain and the Edwards family, Thelma Darling, Victoria Laing, Susan and Dawn Gray, Annamae and Bro. Richardson, Franklyn Deal and the Deal family, Ceyola, Herbert and Yvette Coakley, Marina Rolle, Dashwell and Sylvia Bevans and the Bevans and Darling families, Steve and Shaunda Strachan, Byron and  Terecita Collie, Shaunda Delancey, Leon Hutchinson, Judy (Stanley) Wood, Reginald and Lillian Charlton and the Charlton family, Eloise Jones, Dwayne and Daphne Williams, Helen Rolle, Antoinette Bain, Ismae Whyms, Miriam Taylor, Brenda Saunders and the Saunders family, Maebell Bodie, Shirley Lightbourne, Naomi Moss, Pat, Edith and Detra Walkine and family, Mildred (Robert) Johnson, Ismae Seymour, Bernese Forbes, Aldamae Lloyd, Norma Woodside, Milton Russell, Edsel (Arlene) Strachan, Audley Kemp, Garfield and sis. Morrison, Millie Robinson, Lucinda Davis, Pandora Storr, Kandies (Joel) Smith, Eugenia Thurston, Philip and Dr. Janet Dorsett,  Neville Albury, J. M. Pinder, Patrick & sis Hanlan, Inez Knowles, Sonia Muir, Janet, Laurene, Hon. Justice Cheryl and Basil Albury, Carl and Merlease Bethel, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bostwick, Roslyn North, Jeremiah Hepburn, Mr. and Mrs. Berkley Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. Stafford Coakley, Rev. James Bain, Nesbitt Higgins, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Stubbs, Mr. Richard Buyer, Ruth Outten, Mr. and Mrs. James Dorsett, Barbara Usher and family, Rinthea Clarke and family, William McCartney and the McCartney family, Yvonne and Norma Williams and family, Stella Major, Karen Woodside, Mr. and Mrs. Oral Jones, Shirley Woodside, Cathleen Evans, Yvonne (Craig) Woods, Thora Sweeting, Ann Rolle, Sandra Turnquest, Jane Walkine, Patricia Gibson, Rosemary Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Glinton, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Clarke, the Forbes, Higgs, Swann, Gardiner, Saunders, Henfield, Phillips and Hamilton families, Sandra Sherman, Ruth Smith and family, Patrice Dean and family, Arlene Collie and family, Sandra Moss, Sherry, Thane and the Cooper family, Ken Rolle, the neighbourhood of Sea Beach Estates, Amos and Min. Paula Rolle, Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie and Mrs. Christie and family, Hon. Bradley Roberts & Mrs. Roberts and family, Hon. George A. Smith and family, Hon. Neville Wisdom and Mrs. Wisdom, Hon. D. Shane Gibson and Mrs. Gibson and family, Hon. Michael Halkitis and Mrs. Halkitis & family, Dashie Williams, Mrs. Barbara Pierre and family, PLP Stalwart Councillors, Athama Bowe, Nigel Bowe and the Bowe family, Dr. Duane Sands, Dr. Robin Roberts, John F. Wilson, Partners, Associates & Staff of McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes, Charles Colebrooke, Rose Pratt,  Jessica Nottage, Kerzner International, Hon. J. Henry Bostwick & Hon. Janet G. Bostwick and Bostwick and Bostwick family, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Saunders, Kiwanis Club of Fort Montagu, Levi Lodge #543 Modern Free & Accepted Masons, Killarney Branch of the Progressive Liberal Party, Lulamae Rolle, Lenneth (Beverley) Brozozog and family, Virginia Thompson and family, Shawntal Miller, Michael, Brendan and Rosie Foulkes and family, Albertha Seymour and the Seymour family, Agnes Smith, Bridgette Archer, the family of the late Fred J. and Lean Cooper, Florine Smith, Icelee, Steve and Agnes Smith, the Gray, Rolle, Smith, Miller and Lloyd families, the communities of Staniel Cay, Black Point, Farmer’s Cay and Great Exuma; and many other friends and families too numerous to mention.

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, #32 Nassau Street on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and at the church from 1:00 p.m. until service time.