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Are you a 'doer' or 'talker'?

HOW does that saying go again, ‘Talk is cheap but money buy land’?

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Bitter or better

WE all want to believe that we are getting better at living our lives, maximising our potential and really becoming who we are born to be.

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Show your trust and people will trust in you

PEOPLE often say that their word is their bond, meaning that once they give you their word, you can trust them to follow through on doing what they say they would do.

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The power to overcome being overwhelmed

IVING overly stressed, anxious and having a lack of control, leads to being overwhelmed. To get out of feeling overwhelmed is a process.

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Bitter or better - What's your flavour?

Who goes to the ice cream parlour and orders a bitter flavoured ice cream cone? Nobody would; it’s an odd thing to do since having an ice cream cone is supposed to be an enjoyable experience.

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The power of standing in your own shoes

Mario Cooper lived waiting. Waiting on his father’s acceptance; waiting on his mother’s approval. Waiting on his friends to understand him; waiting for his college professors to validate his ideas.

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What are your words worth?

The old saying that ‘my word is my bond’ is a powerful affirmation. It builds confidence, competence and a sense of trustworthiness that identifies you as a reliable individual.

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Are you sabotaging yourself?

You are either your best friend or your worst enemy. If you are living the latter position, then the habit of taking one step forward and take three steps back becomes like a mini prison.

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You are the change you are looking for!

Everywhere you turn, people are looking for change; craving an improved disposition, especially in their personal life or their outer circumstances. Yearning and wanting is how they spend most of their time. They are waiting for change to happen to them as oppose to them happening to change.

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How much do you really trust yourself?

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, self-trust is the secret of success.

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From 'Here to There': Are you growing with gratitude?

OUR persistent inner ability to move our lives from ‘Here to There’ is the essence of the human story.

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Are You Living By Faith or Fear?

Your everyday conversations formulate the person that you become and the life that you live. It may seem like a small thing to be in negative conversations with others, however, words have unlimited power. They are the surgical tools with which we sculpt our minds and mould our behaviours.

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Winning is a choice: Are you choosing to win or lose?

It is said that many are called, but only a few are chosen, which is often misinterpreted, to mean that only a select few are born to win while others are born to lose.

Think something new before seeking something new

Everybody wants something new. This is especially true at the start of the New Year when many people express their desire to trade in the old and seek out the new.

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Christmas means different things to different people. For many, it is about the hustle and bustle, the long checkout lines, the wrapping of presents, trimming of the tree and entertaining family and friends.

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Women & Leadership: Are we engendering social change?

Social change is a broad concept, which may refer to the notion of social progress and/or social evolution. For the purpose of this article, I refer to social change relative to deliberate progress towards improved social outcomes.

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Are your needs being met?

The majority of people reading this question will automatically look outward for answers, rather than inward. Having bought into the popular delusion that someone else is more responsible for meeting their needs than they are, they will assess the degree to which others are meeting their needs, opposed to how they are meeting their own needs.

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Are you cleansing the lens of your perception

If perception makes up 99% of your reality – what then makes up your perception?

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Are you equippped to excel in the emotional economy?

Most educational standards are based on academics centred on numeracy and literacy alone. While they help you to survive the business and financial economies, without emotional awareness, the emotional economy will eventually gobble you up.


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