Are You Living By Faith Or Fear?


Michelle Miller

By Michelle Miller

Your everyday conversations formulate the person that you become and the life that you live. It may seem like a small thing to be in negative conversations with others, however, words have unlimited power. They are the surgical tools with which we sculpt our minds and mould our behaviours.

If you want to know whether faith or fear is the driving force, take a listen to what people have to say. People stand where they sit. If the bulk of their time is spent sitting in a cesspool of lamenting and complaining, it becomes a pillar of the foundation on which they stand.

Language is the gateway to knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It shapes your life, builds your character, and develops your future. The potent power of language and its influence on the mind are often ignored. Hence, you must stand guard at the gate of your mind.

Life, at best, is simple but we tend to make it hard. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen. Fear on the other hand is the belief in the absence of substance. When you surrender to fear, you buy into the delusion of lack and limitation.

When fear becomes your driving force, anxiety, anger, and aggression prevails. Overtime, you surrender your power to the problems; allowing them to take power over you. When in truth, you have the power to master your life.

Fear promotes the idea of playing it safe. Those who are fearful take little risks; often blocking themselves from life possibilities. The question here is – how can you expand your understanding of faith in order to access such possibilities? Faith is a muscle it needs exercise to be developed.

There is no meaningful living, without meaningful faith. Faith is a personal quality. You must believe and develop your faith for yourself if you wish to live faithfully. Let go of the idea that you can live fully off somebody else’s faith. Commit to getting your own faith.

Faith is a quiet power. It does not require any shouting, hollering or group approval. Faith has nothing to prove. It just is.

This quiet, unlimited power goes beyond the borders of mere culture, traditions or habitual family customs. It is an internal essence, which requires a deeper spiritual engagement.

Fear by its very nature is an illusion and whenever fear appears, faith disappears. It is only when your daily dialogues change from problems to possibilities that your life reflects the same promise. Living by faith instead of fear is a decision you must make. It requires a firm foundation of self-awareness, courage and confidence.

As I said, life is simple. It’s not the answers that you get, but the questions you asks that matters most. Focus on asking bigger questions that give you clarity and understanding.

Be gentle with yourself and mindful of your daily conversations. They, in many ways shape whether you live by faith or fear. Divorcing yourself from fear takes inner-changes. Nothing in your life will change until you change.

From Leader to Leader, remember you have unlimited power of choice and free will to choose faith or fear. Make today the day that you lead the way. Now is the time to live the life that you love.

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