Are You Cleansing The Lens Of Your Perception


Michelle Miller


If perception makes up 99% of your reality – what then makes up your perception? Many persons have the habit of communicating outward instead of inward. They build their perceptions on eyesight rather than insight. Perception is not only 99% of your reality - it is the totality of your reality. In fact, there is no reality – there is only perception.

Invariably, the way you see things is filtered from within. Your internal apparatus or the lens with which you see the world is made up many things.

They are what I call the constituents of your frame of reference. This is your inner toolbox that defines your identity, esteem and self-worth. All of which are based on what you believe about yourself, most of which comes from what others have told you, which again comes from what others have told them about themselves and the world.

Life is an intriguing adventure and despite its many challenges, it readily invites us to deepen our understanding, expand our perceptions and to elevate towards more meaning and purpose.

Regrettably, it is an invitation that most decline. In a world of fleeting dreams, functional addictions, and hidden obsessions for instant gratification, it can be an enormous challenge.

Even so, such elevated life experience is doable. But it is not for the fainthearted. The few who embrace this invitation are those who are intrinsically aware of who they are and the power they embody.

When you analyze your perception of yourself and the world - what comes to mind? What are the core ingredients that make up how you see things? The most fundamental ingredient is information. We perceive things based on the information that we know about it or the lack thereof.

Since your information comes from a myriad of outside sources such as parents, teachers, culture, media houses, magazines, books, newspapers, social media, internet and the constant chatter of today’s ‘talk talk’ society, how do you know what information is true or appropriate for you? How do you critically choose what you will accept and or reject?

More importantly, how do you rid yourself of all of the old, expired information that you are now using, which may no longer be true, effective, or relevant for your life today?

This is the complex crossroad of information overload where so many hurry through life led by only what they know. And, for the most part, it is not what they know now – but more so what they always knew. In most cases, despite endless information avenues, most people still find themselves emotionally overwhelmed and effectively under informed in how to deal with change and challenges.

The ingredients in their information pie have not changed, shifted, or improved one iota. Without new, quality information, so many live their entire life knowing very little about a whole lot, particularly, very little about their self-identity or what is possible for their life.

Having a clear sense of identity is fundamental to human evolution. You must know who you are – before you can truly determine who you want to be.

Why is this relevant? Understand that life is an ever-flowing river of endless possibilities. There are no fixed positions. Everything changes – everything moves in motion with the rhythm of life. You are no exception. Your life cannot flow, however, if you do not grow and you cannot grow if you do not know.

Having said that –what do you know now that you didn’t know then? What new information are you seeking to move your life forward? And from what new source?

To have ownership of your life, you must know what motivates you and what shapes your perception. G.I. Joe said ‘knowing is half the battle’ but still it is only half. The other half is to understand and apply what you know.

The real work is your sense of discrimination about the information you accept and believe. Resist the tendency to be freehanded with your mind – refuse access to just anyone or anything without regard. You are the protector your mind

Cleansing the lens of your perception is not a farfetched idea. We clean all the time – shampooing our carpets, cleaning our clothes, homes, cars etc. – even the idea of so-called ‘spring cleaning’. We know exactly how to dump stuff that no longer fits; too worn out or simply outdated. Gleefully, we pack them up and ship them out, reducing clutter and giving us a sense of renewal and much needed clarity. Just like body detoxification, deep internal cleansing provides therapeutic value.

Now the question is – how can you apply this same level of enthusiasm to sanitizing your perception?

When residue accumulates on the inside of your eyeglasses, you naturally use a clean cloth to wipe your glasses clean. No doubt, your perception is coated with varying debris of information, from various sources; you must make the effort to examine your data storehouse.

Some of that data enables you to see clearly, while some impedes your visibility. It is your responsibility to reorganize your information inventory; keeping and discarding accordingly.

Remember, people don’t see the world as it is, but as they are, based on their perception. Ultimately, the way you see the world, does not change the world. It only changes the way you experience your life in the world.

Commit to the habit of seeking new information, new ideas that broadens your perception. Make today the day that you take the lead in living an expanded possibility.

Now is the time to shift your life paradigm.

What do you think?

Please send your comments to coaching242@yahoo.com or 429-6770. Michelle M. Miller is a certified Life-Coach, Leadership Expert, and Host of the Radio program – Men & The e-Factor. www.taketheleadbook.com


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