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Easy teacher v hard teacher

REMEMBER when you were in high school or college and you took the easy class, with the easy teacher, for the easy A, which made you look really smart but contributed nothing substantive to your wisdom or character?

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It's all in the name of free speech, Dr Rollins

DR ANDRE ROLLINS, a new face to the political scene, does not seem to understand the difference between opinion pieces -- solely the opinion of the writer -- and objective news.

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Pride in Ingraham

JUST a thought: As reality sinks in and we reflect on the effects of the non voters, DNA voters and the "sold out" voters, had in the outcome of the 2012 general election, one can see that with their "help", our country lost a unique opportunity to move forward and out of this third world existance.

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Christie not up to the job

I WAS raised in the Christian faith and though I still believe in a power greater than myself - or the rulers of any country - I cannot be called religious.