ApollosTwin 2 years, 8 months ago

One would think that the family of the victim would be more concerned and place more effort in trying to find the perpetrator that killed their relative. Mr. Perez was shot multiple times in the chest which contains the aorta, heart and the lungs...he likely exsanguinated ie. bled out. It only takes minutes to bleed your entire blood volume out. Bimini is a small island with a small population. There is no tertiary level hospital there as the population does not demand it. Mr. Perez required surgery if he had any chance of survival...shot six times in the chest...he likely wouldnt have survive whether he was in the Bahamas or the US. Flying a victim of a shooting out before the police can conduct an proper investigtion and collect forensic evidence isnt proper. If the family had 100,000 to fly out Mr. Perez as they claim why didnt they take that same money and fly him to Nassau to Doctors Hospital for emergency surgery? Doctors Hospital is a Level A hospital and closer than Florida and would have required less paperwork. Not a word about the perpetrator instead criticism of the medical staff in Bimini...I smell a rat.


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