concernedcitizen 36 minutes ago on 'Mother' Pratt calls for Draconian measures to curb violence

As long as single mother of 5 for 3 dead beat dads is the norm crime will continue to climb .I,m not a bible thumper i just believe in being responsible sexually .Funny you never ever here the "preachermens ' talking about this as most of their members and some of their sex partners are single females ..


concernedcitizen 48 minutes ago on BAMSI will open this month – despite building setbacks

This is going to be like that thing they had last time in Andros that cost us the taxpayer about 8 grand a month per boy ,,Godfrey Eneas ,good lord .The ruling party can,t just take money out of the treasury b/c the opposition gets to see all finances ,so they dream up this sh@t ,some times i think it would be cheaper just to give Eneas et all a million when the PLP wins an election ..With in a decade this will be an abandon building ..


concernedcitizen 3 hours, 51 minutes ago on PM slammed for meeting with webshop representatives

@ the -messenger ,if the was a national lottery have of the cash would disappear like the old departure tax ,and the winners would all be connected to the politicians


concernedcitizen 4 hours, 33 minutes ago on Religious leader says homosexuality 'a massive deception'

Get some books ,use google ,read some more ,10% of people have always been gay ,born that way ..if our blessing here came from behavior , that you bible thumpers find wrong we would be eating sand .Since Independence ,and probably before,there have been gay people very high up in the government .What is really going to effect our standard of living is the same as the rest of the region , making babies faster then our GDP can absorb them ,then we are Haiti ,Jamaica ..The crime rate is a direct result of out of control heterosexual baby making ,when single mother of 6 for 4 dead beat dads is the norm crime skyrockets .The down fall here is when we can,t tax enough to use the civil service to absorb our baby making or Cuba opens ,,


concernedcitizen 6 hours, 46 minutes ago on Religious leader says homosexuality 'a massive deception'

@dehavmoss ,then why when we turn on our news at night are there so many gay people from the poliitcians to the newscasters, you mean we will still get blessing from the shy god if we just play its not so ,like voting no for numbers when you know you play numbers ,,lmao


concernedcitizen 6 hours, 50 minutes ago on Religious leader says homosexuality 'a massive deception'

@BIRDIE ,Fact 75% of babies here are born out of wedlock,fact 80% of sex btw young people is transactional ,,meaning "what you ga give me " If we were blessed b/c of actions we would be eating sand .Our good fortune come from proximity to the US and the Embargo on Cuba ,plus we would not be here if the white man didn,t bring us from that war torn tribal wasteland ,,