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Travel much ??Cuba has tons of unspoiled natural beauty , as does TCI , Many other Islands ,DR , Costa Rica ..You been to Abaco or Exuma lately they both can take more development and still be unspoiled ..Unless we are going to stop having babies we need development .What we have to sell is sun ,sand and sea and we have tons of it ..The majority of our family islands are "barren" islands w miles and miles btw settlements that only survive b/c of public services jobs , You think Aklins , Cat Island , San sal etc put money in the treasury ,,dam it cost us more than they put to subsidize Bahamasair to go there and keep the lights on ..We are broke and borrowing to pay the bills unless you want half of the civil service to go home tomorrow ,crime to sky rocket and our dollar to tank we need investment ,,take off your high hat and let reality sink in ..DR is doing 4 million stop over a year we are doing slightly more than we were doing in the 1990,s we are just charging a lot more


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I don,t blame the cruise lines for trying to control the guest experience ,, they are in business to make money and please guest ,,the port in Nassau is not a pleasing experience for their guest ,,in reality its dirty ,the vendors are loud and rude including many of the cab drivers ..There are 365 cays in The Exuma cays w only perhaps 10 oercent developed ,w maybe 100 spots or more as pretty as LHP ,in reality most of our Islands and cays look the same .I could blind fold you and take to The Jumento cays and tell u it LHP or Rose Island in different spots and you would not know the difference ..We got more Islands ,rocks ,cays than we have tourist for ,,

Exuma and Abaco have some development and still are underdeveloped .The rest of the family are barren ,,little settlement separated by miles and miles ,that mostly survive b/c of public service jobs ,,


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We should not have bought the hotel , we have been trying everything to get guest to Freeport ,even basically paying Sunwing etc ..One we cant do bargain mid level tourism our cost are too high ,electricity etc Two people don,t want to go to Freeport ,service sucks and people got bad additudes .I t would of been cheaper to close the hotel and give the workers 400 bucks a week for the next 10 years ..Two let a firm ,even foreign , come in and run the cruise port in Nassau , Our cruise port and Bay street is the dump of the region ,,even Haiti is nicer and better run ..I know longer talk nationalism and misplaced patriotism our cruise port and Bay street are a dirty ,loud scary mess


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I'm, a boat Capt ,I just ran a four hour tour out of Exuma to three places equally as pretty .Give me an 8 hour day w a 30 knt boat and I will take you to 50 spots as beautiful from where I sit right now .Our family Islands are underdeveloped ,should I say barren . We got more land that looks very similar than guest .We are a broke a## country w 1 in 4 people working for government we have been borrowing and taxing since independence to keep a float ,that's before you even figure in the corruption and theeffin . In reality and both parties know it VAT was recommended at 15% just to stop the bleeding ..We need every investment we can get ,,we need the jobs ,we need the departure tax a million more cruise ship passengers will bring , we need the jobs building it , we need the security jobs manning the gate etc ,,You people need to quit high hattin ,,we broke ,,and Cuba will open to the U S market sooner rather than later


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read the business section ,,also 600 million that's right 600million walked out the front door of BOB in never to paid back loans to cronies and friends under the last PLP administration ,,and how many untold millions or billions over the years w Peoples penny savings bank and The development bank .Yes there has been corruption in The FNM and Ingraham would get rid of them but it pails in comparesion to massive theft of the peoples money under the PLP dating back to Bowe and the plumbing scandal in the early 70,s


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so we are going to pay to turn phils into a post office ,,when u admit the post office is a dying business ,,the only thing keeping the postal service going in the US is amazon etc ,USPS have trucks and deliver ,,we don,t . Sell Phils make TCM put up the money for a post office ,,dam it can only be about 100 p o boxes still used and use the money from Phils to pay the rent until in 5 to 10 years you shut the post office down ..The reason ur pushing phils is not about logic ,,its about something else ,,hence your 20 million out of thin air figure ..Increased traffic lmao no one goes to the post office lol and less people will each year


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Actually we have lagged behind in righting financial services and still have one foot planted in a model that is no longer viable ,,


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so which is it ,20 or 10 or 5 ?? They must think they can do it for less than the 4 million it will take at Phils ...really the couriers and freight forwarders are moving the packages , and now I think The Mailboat is coming from florida w our amazon etc .For years at the post office I mostly got some one elses mail in my box ,and letters from abroad took about 3 months ..Only old folk go to the post office ,,its a dying institution ..letter are replaced by email ,text etc ,,do u get your amazon through our post office ,,lmao..Its really just a jobs program that needs to begin to wind down