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My home in Eastwood was broken into on Thanksgiving Day. The police came the next day to fingerprint after we called them numerous times. One of the stolen laptops contained irreplaceable photos and information, and the more we asked around, the more we realised that it is an epidemic. So many people were saying either they or their neighbour, family member or friend had their home broken into recently. These thieves have no heart and no concept of what they are taking from people. And the people who buy from them also deserve to be prosecuted because they are creating the demand. We created this page on Facebook to enable Bahamians to post their stolen items #1 to raise awareness of how prevalent these crimes are that are never reported nor followed up on, and #2 to possibly get the goods back. We asked as many people as possible to spread the word on this page and response has been positive over the past 2 days.">


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