vinceP 2 months, 2 weeks ago on URCA accuses Cable of breaching tower bar

Actually, I don't think it has nothing to do with "curry favor". URCA is a joke! These people are, specifically the head of URCA, have been tasked with regulating the Communications industry in the Bahamas, and here it is, URCA's head is an account, and the directory of policy is an attorney, and we know what damage attorney's can inflict. Aside from them, i highly doubt that URCA has 1 former employee from Cable Bahamas, but I'll bet my last dollar that they have quite a bit from BTC. Anyone can see that the odds are stacked against Cable Bahamas, and its things like that that will always cause the Bahamas to be the brunt of many jokes. It is common knowledge at this point, that BTC's towers, or the vast majority of them, do not accommodate dual sharing by more than one mobile provider/ wireless broadband. Clearly URCA is trying to stifle Cable's progress, and it just makes no sense, and would leave one to assume either URCA is just filled with IDOTS, or the Government is influencing them. Mobile phone services are the thing of the past! For some reason, someone is afraid that if Cable builds out their wireless broadband network, that BTC may experience a bigger hit than previously anticipated, and not to mention what it would do to Virgin Mobile's model. Data is the future, and frankly, BTC's network is not on par with Cable's.


vinceP 3 months ago on ‘Believing in Bahamians?’


I'm so tired of y'all sheepish Bahamians. Listen, as long as y'all idiots keep voting PLP/FNM, then y'all won't get anything different.


vinceP 3 months ago on URCA refutes Cable’s 13% budget rise fear

I've said it in the past and I’ll say it again. URCA is filled with nothing more than jokers, and leeches, and I certainly hope that when a real Government gets in power, that one of the first things on the agenda is that they clean house at URCA. I would love to know how many former BTC employees work at URCA. Those people are USELESS and seem to be out of their element.


vinceP 3 months ago on Selection of mobile provider has been delayed

Hey, Its simple, They will get their cut through the allege "PLP Crony/Virgin Mobile partnership.


vinceP 3 months, 2 weeks ago on Police say 90,000 attended Carnival

Wait, so Mr. Major said that 50 Million would be injected into the Economy? Ummmmm, if we are looking at a total of 90 Thousand Carnival goers, and lets assume they all paid the $15 entry fee, then we can conclude that they made roughly 1,350,000 Million at the gate. So.....Ummmm, where would the balance of roughly $48,650,000 Million come from?


vinceP 3 months, 2 weeks ago on AK47 found after man dies in shootout with police

I really hope that the police seriously shoot to kill all these guys they find with illegal firearms, ESPECIALLY if they bold enough to shoot at the police.


vinceP 4 months ago on Digicel pulls out of mobile bidding

Listen, clearly they realized that this is not a fair race because the PLP can't be trusted, and chances are, they, the PLP, will further screw us, the Bahamian people by giving the license to Junkanoo/virgin mobile, which it is alleged, Junkanoo mobile is headed up by a PLP henchman. "BLUE WATER" anyone? As I've said in the past, given that Virgin mobile's business model is to piggy back on existing cellular networks, under no circumstances should they be given the next cellar license if they intend to just piggy back on BTC's network. Further, wasn't it the PLP who were up in arms against the FNM selling BTC to foreigners? Has this Government learned nothing from the recent network outage that BTC recently experienced?


vinceP 4 months ago on Cable blasts URCA’s ‘unprecedented’ bar

@ Thisisours,

You are incorrect. If I'm not mistaken, when CBL purchased Indigo several years ago, they also got Indigo's license to offer wifi services, which explains the erection of those towers, which can be used for wifi antennas, as well as accommodate cellular antennas. URCA is joke, and continually display their incompetence, but nothing better should be expected under this PLP Government. It is inconceivable that URCA would promote the idea of infrastructure sharing, specifically as it relates to which PLP fraction is granted the first available license. The network failure that BTC experienced recently is a perfect example as to why this should not be allowed to happen, at least not as far as that first license is concerned. To suggest that this be the case, simply shows me that we have a bunch of jackasses at URCA, but after all, the majority of URCA's employess are former BTC employees, so its no surprise why they always come down so hard on CBL.