Baptist Sports Council Basketball League RESULTS

THE Baptist Sports Council opened its 2012 Basketball League at the Baillou Hills Sporting Complex on Saturday. The following results were posted: Temple Fellowship 26, Mt Nebo 21 Edajh Fox scored 17 points and Dominique Bethel had nine in their 15-and-under runners-up. Dennis Brown scored 13 and Deroy Rolle added eight in a losing effort. ENYPD 28, St John's 14 Vano Miller scored 12 points and Rashade Stubbs had six in the loss. ENYPD 32, Christian Tabernacle 27 Kenneth Pratt came up with 15 points and Dario McKenzie had eight in their 19-and-under win. Kenrico Lockhart had 12 and Lloyd Bailey eight in the loss. Macedonia 32, St Mark's 30 Patrick Brice scored 12 points and Rashad Woodside had eight in their men's team No.1 victory. Renaldo Benson had 11 in the loss. Macedonia 56, South Beach Union 15 Terico Strachan scored 16 points and both Delano Knowles and Boaz Louis had eight apiece in the men's team No.2 victory. Garth Jackson had seven in the loss. Macedonia 34, St John's 26 Davon Adderley scored 13 points and Lerecus Armbrister had 11 in their 15-and-under win. Devaughn Kelly had 12 in the loss. Macedonia 46, St John's 45 Van Hutchinson scored 18 points and Delano Forbes had eight points in their 19-and-under win. Dionte Strong had 15 and Marvin Josey nine in the loss. Golden Gates 46, Temple Fellowship 45 Dustin McKenzie scored 14 points and Randy Williams had nine in their 19-and-under win. Jason Cambridge had 16 and Trevor Smith 12 in the loss. BIBA 35, St John's 34 Tino Thurston scored 18 points and both Derick Neely and Teo Brooks had six each in their men's win. Darren Davis had nine and Tavari Dorsett eight in the loss. Temple Fellowship 57, Golden Gates 44 Eugene Bain scored 27 points and Cruz Simon had 11 in their men's win. Raynard Minns had 20 and Steven Culmer 15 in the loss. Church of the Nazarene 51, ENPYD 43 Antoine Louis scored 24 points and Wilnir Noel had six in their men's win. Alvardo Burrows scored 24 and Damien Thompson had eight in the loss. Here's a look at the schedule of games for Saturday: Court One 10am - Temple Fellowship vs St John's (15) 11am - St John's vs Temple Fellowship (19) Noon - Christian Tabernacle vs Golden Gates (19) 1pm - South Beach vs Church of Nazarene (M) 2pm - Golden Gates No.2 vs St John's (M) 3pm - St Mark's vs Evangelistic Center (M) Court Two 10am - St John's No.2 vs ENYDP (15) 11am - Mt Nebo vs Macedonia No.1 (19) Noon - ENYPD vs St Mark's (19) 1pm - ENYPD vs Temple Fellowship (M) 2pm - Macedonia No.2 vs Mt. Nebo (19) 3pm - Golden Gates No.1 vs Macedonia No.2 (M) 4pm - Macedonia No.1 vs BIBA (M)


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