Less talk, more action

By Farah STOP talking, start walking is the action artist Jah Doctrine hopes to inspire with the release of his new single "If Talks Was Enough". Jah Doctrine was inspired to write this song because he saw little being done to get the Bahamas moving forward. The artist said there are too many people talking about what they would like to see done, but have not taken the first step. "If Talks Was Enough" touches on a number of issues including the double standard of leaders, the selling of land and the lack of interest in industries such as agriculture in the Bahamas. "The leaders of this country are supposed to be helping us with our problems but they are becoming the problem. They feed our emotions with hype telling us things they think we want to hear but yet they are not doing anything. They need to stop all this talk and start doing something," he said. Not only does he hope to force people to start discussing solutions to problems, but also to get Bahamians to feel a certain level of responsibility for the state in which the country is in. "We need to discuss issues and solutions. It is our responsibility to do what we can to change the way we live. We have to get more serious about the state of our country. Instead of building a new stadium they should have built a new hospital. Food and health are the things that can improve our quality of life in the Bahamas." "We need to get our young people interested in agriculture and inspire them to be entrepreneurs. All of these different messages I try to relay in my song. I want to encourage people to get out there to work, and be the change they want to see," the artist said. "If Talks Was Enough" is featured on the Freedom rhythm from the international group House of Riddims. "This an official release. The group heard some of my music and they liked what I have doing. So they sent me a riddim and I sang on it. We are now working together and hopefully I get enough support from my fellow Bahamians." Jah Doctrine is currently working on the release of his new album. A date has not been set for release at yet. Echoes of History, Jah Doctrine's last album, was released in October 2010 and is still available on Itunes for download. Last year the artist along with Zion Sound International released his Right-N-Time mixtape. "I am working hard on my new album. My fans can expect a lot of diversity as the album will feature different genres," he said.


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