Love Covers All Offences


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THE bible is filled with scriptures admonishing individuals to allow their lives to be controlled by love. Although this poses some difficulty, extending love when one has been offended is the life each Christian should reflect.

Dondria, a Methodist faithful said after giving her life to Christ, showing love has been the most challenging task. She has allowed Proverbs 10:12, which states "hatred stirreth strife but love cover all sins" to guide her life and her actions.

"I am slowly learning how to apply the saying 'kill your enemies with kindness' to my life. I have had people that wronged me. On my job they spread vicious rumors about me. They say things like, I sleep around and that I am only with my partner for the money. None of those things are true. When you have people doing things like that it feels impossible to show them a good face. But I have to remember that doing the same things to these people will not help me progress spiritually," she said.

People hear messages of love, but have forgotten the true meaning of those words, said Sharon of the Anglican faith. She said it would be better if people released the burden of hate and allowed love to be the peace maker it is.

"Musicians sing about it, authors write about it and all of this in an attempt to spread the message. You can never go wrong with love. As a child growing up my mother always taught me to never be quick to strife. I remember my sister and I got into a horrible argument and in the middle of her cursing and carrying on bad, I just stopped and told her, I love you. Immediately after that she silenced and I felt like a burden had been lifted. Love is the ultimate peace maker, it excuses all wrongs and covers all offenses," she said.

When Vasco Darling, finds it challenging to carry out love he remembers the way Jesus was treated during his crucifixion and the way he reacted.

"Jesus did not utter a bad word to none of the men that spat on him, slapped him, and beat him. If Jesus did not do this then he would not have been able to pay for our sins. We need to try to be more Christ like," said Mr Darling.

Love is less about feelings and more about actions, said Tina Rolle, a Baptist faithful.

"I want to live in love and I try to practice this all the time. But it is difficult. It is hard to extend love to someone who constantly offends you. All I can say is thank God for the love that I have in my heart. So many times I wanted to do things to people that have wrongly hurt me and betrayed. But what I learned is that it is important to demonstrate love even in the most heated situations. I think if we all did that there would be less people killing and being killed today," she said.


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