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She did it again! Former Miss World is the new Miss Universe

On Sunday, one determined woman of a line-up of 16 applicants fought her way to the top and walked away with the Miss Bahamas Universe crown during the pageant’s grand finale at the Rosewood Baha Mar.

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The Magnificent Seven - A new day for women in Bahamian politics

With the recent election of seven female Members of Parliament, five of whom have already been named to the Cabinet, it is truly a new day for Bahamian women in government.

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Christabelle nails a career in carpentry

Carpentry is usually not a profession associated with women, but Christabelle Izevbizua has been interested in woodwork and building things since she was in junior high school. And now, she has taken that years-long passion and created her own business platform, inclusive of workshops for aspiring young carpenters.

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Female athletes challenge ‘sexist' of uniform regulations

While sports like beach volleyball, beach handball and gymnastics are extremely popular, many of the female athletes competing in them hope the focus will remain on their performance rather than their skimpy regulation attire.

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Fashion alert! Jellies are resurrected for 2021 summer

Looking for the perfect Summer footwear? Well, it’s time to look to the past (your past, if you’re over 40) and consider jelly shows, because those colourful plastic shoes we loved wearing as kids are making a huge comeback in 2021.

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Versatile teen goes big with her art

AT JUST eighteen years old, Katlyn Rolle has decided to go big with her art, literally.

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Bye bye lockdown looks – hello summer hair

COURTESY of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of salon visits last year, many women missed out on the opportunity to spice it up and take advantage of the usual hot summer hair trends.

Bahamian moms dream of summer vacations

Summer has arrived with a bang and has brought with it rising temperatures and the desire to dream of vacations to faraway exotic lands (especially since 2020’s ‘Hot Girl Summer’ never materialised because of that virus we won’t name).

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New book seeks to help strained mother-daughter relationships

THE relationship between a mother and her adult daughter is often viewed by society through rose-tinted glasses. There is an expectation that they are meant to always be close, loving towards one another, and have a bond that stands the test of time. While this is true for some, it is certainly not a universal truth, as every family dynamic is different.

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Are you a lady in waiting?

THERE are many single women in church anxiously waiting to meet their “godly husband” – a man who catches their eye, tickles their senses and is especially meant for them by God.

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Girl bosses set to spill the tea

BAHAMIAN girl bosses will be “spilling the tea”, giving women the scoop on all they need to know about finance, branding, customer service and more during a special tea party next Sunday.

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Author bares her soul in new book about traumatic life experiences

Doris Emmanuel Johnson’s life story reads like the script of a Lifetime Movie of the Week. She survived a near death experience, escaped from a physical assault, and put up a bloody fight against a would-be rapist.

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Bahamian women demand ‘A Seat at the Table’

The TV show “A Seat at the Table” is a production made for women by women. Now in its second season, it is a platform that aims to provide a space for women to discuss topics that are often considered controversial and taboo, said creator Latoya Moxey. It also covers powerful and empowering ideas that are sometimes neglected and rejected by men and society as a whole.

A mother and her daughters take the Bahamas to the world stage

The year 2020 might have been a tumultuous one for everyone due to the global pandemic, lockdowns and financial losses, but a mother and her two daughters from Freeport, Grand Bahama made good use of the time to put the Bahamas on the world stage once again.

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New Miss Teen Bahamas wants to give a voice to young abuse victims

Sheronika Simeon took a huge leap of faith when she entered the Miss Teen Bahamas International beauty pageant for a second time. It was a gamble that paid off when she won the crown on Sunday evening.