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Bahamians explore the world of online dating

It comes as no surprise that online dating activity has seen a massive surge since the COVID-19 pandemic forced countries to lock down public life and order its citizens to stay at home.

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YOU GO GIRL: Jaleal spreads optimism via new platform for Bahamian workers

If you take a moment to look around you right now, you will probably find a world in chaos, contending with an uncertain future. And it’s no different here in the Bahamas. The global outbreak of coronavirus and its aftermath have left many Bahamians without jobs, and worse, without hope. A feeling of optimism is hard to come by.

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LIFE LINES: Learning to think wisely

Most of us think too much. And most of those thoughts are unproductive and repetitive, like a tune we once played because we loved it but then couldn’t couldn’t stop it from going round and round in our heads for days.

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Mother’s Day in lockdown

How will you celebrate?

THIS coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, and unfortunately for those who live in Nassau and the northern islands, we will be under lockdown beginning Friday night at 9pm. This weekend, like the previous ones, means limited movement, and many will most likely not have the chance to spend time with their mothers, at least not in person.

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High school teacher embraces ‘new normal’; offers online exam preparation

While she is missing the one-on-one connection with her students during this time of social distancing, educator Kizzy McKinney-McPhee is doing her best to make her virtual lessons as engaging and cohesive as possible.

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LIFE LINES: ‘Our world has now been rocked’

So the first question is: what have we learned?

Mothers and single women learn harsh financial lessons during lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected just about every individual in the world to varying degrees when it comes to finances.

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Chelsea to the rescue!

‘The Creative Business Strategist’ helps Bahamians launch new ventures during quarantine

For seven days straight, local business strategist Chelsea Johnson invited people “to pick her brain” and tune into a live Facebook stream to learn about valuable tips, tools and resources to help them grow their craft or business venture even during the current quarantine.

Pregnant women at crossroads during crisis

MORE and more women who are feeling uncertain about what the future holds after the COVID-19 pandemic have reportedly been feeling overwhelming pressure to terminate their pregnancies.

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‘We need compassion to fight coronavirus’

Local NGO helps single mothers with grocery donations

For weeks now, Katherine Coakley has been spending considerable time every day praying for the Bahamian families impacted by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those who were already struggling to make ends meet before the shutdowns and lockdowns were implemented.

Quarantine beauty: How to keep natural hair healthy at home

For many Bahamian women, the weeks of quarantine have not only meant a loss of socialising and moving about freely, but also the loss of their natural hair care maintenance routines.

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Biochemist turned author offers seven steps to achieve six-inch hair growth

Back home from college, financially broke, and looking for natural hair care products she could actually afford, led Keshia Smith down the route of cooking up her own hair treatments right in her kitchen.

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LIFE LINES: One day at a time

The current restrictions imposed on our movements are frustrating but they are working and are for our protection. We can all agree on that. The best thing to do right now is to accept these circumstances, challenging as they may be.

Next generation gets career Insights from CIBC FirstCaribbean’s leading women

CIBC FirstCaribbean marked International Women’s Day by giving one high school senior a first-hand glimpse of the banking profession.

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A guide to overcoming infidelity and emerging victorious

THE pain of finding out about a spouse’s infidelity can be overwhelming, heartbreaking and even soul-destroying. Bahamian educator and author Aleshia Storr ran the gamut of negative emotions when she found out about her ex-husband’s secret affair. But even in the face of this gross betrayal, Aleshia still hoped to save her three-year marriage and wanted a reformed husband.