A Cry For Peace


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Party promoter Da Recession Entertainment Group is looking forward to a large turn-out at the Luna Nightclub for the “A Cry For Peace” concert on Saturday night.

The concert will feature international artists who promote love and unity. Dancehall artist Popcaan will headline the event alongside Reggae artists Jah Vinci, Luciano and Lutan Fyah. A surprise guest is also supposed to perform.

“This is going to be a concert where we as Bahamians can get together and have a good time without the music portraying violence and negativity,” said Jason Cartwright, on behalf of Da Recession Entertainment Group.
He said the preparation for the event began three months ago after a meeting held by the organisation’s owners, Vashon Ellis, King D-ano and two additional members.

“We were sitting and having a conversation about all the crimes we were reading about in our local papers. At the same time, we were going over which artists we should bring to the Bahamas again for a concert. So we decided to bring in people that can help spread the word of unity and help make a positive impact in our society,” said Mr Cartwright.

He said Luciano is known as the messenger of music, whose mission is to spread love, peace and hope through conscious lyrics.

Lutan Fyah and Jah Vinci, Mr Cartwright said, also share the same messages through their music. Popcaan, he said, is a fan favourite for the younger generation in the Bahamas. “His impact can also help to make a statement to our young people,” said Mr Cartwright.

Bahamian artists Landlord will share the stage with the international acts, performing his popular song “We Need Peace”.

“Also performing will be the Bahama Boyz who are geared up and ready to give the Bahamas a performance they will never forget. They are a vibrant group that is also filled with positive energy and can really get a crowd going,” said Mr Cartwright.

Da Recession Entertainment Group hopes to use the event to establish their organisation as a force to reckon with in the local entertainment industry. They hope to one day bridge the gap between the tourism and entertainment industries.

Party goers may remember the group for their successful concert featuring international rapper Young Jeezy in 2010. T

“We got together to bring over Young Jeezy and he gave a superb performance at Club Luna. We don’t believe in doing this for the money. It is time for us to give back to the community,” said Mr Cartwright.

“We plan to make this concert one to remember as we continue to give the Bahamian society a taste of perfection and unite as one to save our country for the youth of our nation,” he said.

For more information email darecessiona@gmail.com.


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