New Magazine To Feature Bahamian Interior Design


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THE SAYING what is on the inside is more important than the out, not only applies to people but also applies to houses. A new local magazine set for launch next month mirrors this idea as it is geared towards interior designs offering readers ideas on how to spruce up their living space.

Bahamian Escapes Home and Lifestyle Magazine is the brainchild of Shamon Campbell who aspires to show the world what the Bahamas has to offer in terms of world class interior design. The magazine intends to do so by featuring the interiors of local properties with varying price ranges. Additionally, how-to’s on recreating expensive designs as well as travel, art cooking dining, and entertainment features will also be included.

Leading up to the magazine’s launch on April 1, the Bahamian Escapes team have held several events. The first event was called “The Sweet Tooth” which is also a special segment in the magazine. It featured segment writer Macarra Fowler, owner of Hello Cupcake. The event was held at the Balmoral Club and brought out culinary professionals, interior designers and others.

“The Perfect Palate” event which was also held to promote that segment of the magazine, featured dishes by Chef Montgomery Penn, head Chef at the Balmoral Club. Dishes that will be unveiled when the magazine is launched were on display.

“Our first goal is to create quality content and with mind-blowing packaging. Its presentation needs to be internationally competitive and long-term. We strive to be the resource and authority for interior design in the country,” said Matt Sweeting, marketing and branding specialist.

Readers can expect to see the interiors of awesome properties throughout the country, to find where they can source local supplies to duplicate these designs. Our magazine will cover topics indirectly related to the home and feature segments on travelling efficiently and affordably, local real estate insight and the best buys,” said Mr Sweeting.

The segment called “The Perfect Palate” featuring Balmoral Club’s executive chef Montgomery Penn will feature information on how to make dessert anytime of the day and expand your horizons by cooking.

What separates Bahamian Escapes magazine is the direction it takes with interior design at the forefront. People seeking ideas on how to spruce up their homes will find design ideas, colour schemes and different concepts that suits their spaces best.

“The magazine stands out because of its direction taken on interiors of local properties. Our magazine’s cover model in our first photoshoot was a sixteen million dollar home. 

We feel our focus separates us, as we are focusing on interiors and subsequently attracting a more mature audience, ideally those that have purchased their home, or are on the market. Our production quality will wow our readers with R. Wells photography who has shot million dollar homes throughout the country as our staff photographer. We have had many interviews and decided on the best local talent available to design the pages of our magazine so we know our quality will differentiate Bahamian Escapes,” he told Tribune Entertainment.

Bahamian Escapes Home and Lifestyle Magazine will publish bimonthly online.

“We feel that there are some obvious advantages to an online publication. Firstly an eternal shelf life, our advertisers ads will last online forever. As video, social media integration, and search engine optimisation now has a considerable place in the balance sheet of many companies this marketing media should answer the marketing cries of many companies. We have tools that can drive a customer right from the pages of our publication into their cart at a local distributor, this is extremely essential for local business,” Mr Sweeting said.


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