Police treating tourist killing the same as any other


Kyle Bruner, who was shot and killed in Nassau.


Tribune Staff Reporter


OFFICER in Charge of the Central Detective Unit, Paul Rolle denied yesterday that police are rushing the investigation into the murder of the American tourist to calm international fears.

Supt Rolle said the police are treating the investigation into the death of Kyle Bruner with the same dignity and respect as any serious crime committed in the Bahamas.

“We aren’t no play-play cartoon police force. We are professionals and we work very hard to solve these crimes. We are not rushing this case because of the nationality of the victim.”

We are investigating it the same way we do with any other murder and anyone who says otherwise needs to stop talking fool. We have suspects in custody in a quick time with most of the murders and if they look and do their research they will see.”

Supt Rolle was responding to rumours that the police force is rushing to find someone to blame the murder on because of international pressure.

He admitted however, that police have taken a special interest in the case because it does affect our number one industry.

“Tourism is our life blood,” he said, “and whenever a visitor is murdered it takes on a different life, it is not that we treat them any differently, but the death is a concern nationally and internationally and we depend on the foreigners to come here for our survival. We need people to be sensible and understand that we all are doing all we can to investigate this murder and any other murder. But we need the Bahamian population to come forward and provide information to the police.”

Police have confirmed that two men are in custody, however they are still looking for 18-year-old Leo Bethel. His last known address is Balls Alley.

Bruner, an American visitor was apparently trying to help a woman who was being mugged my two armed men early Sunday morning when he was shot in the neck.

Supt Rolle said Bruner, with two women and another man, left Hammerheads and were walking to Double D’s for food when they were approached by two men.

A struggle followed between Bruner and one of the suspects, resulting in him being shot.

Bruner, a sailor, had been working as first mate on the Liberty Chipper sailboat that was passing through the Bahamas and was docked at Nassau at the time of the shooting.

According to international reports, Bruner will be cremated and his ashes will be scattered in the ocean.


Honeybun 10 years, 9 months ago

Supt. Rolle stated :"We aren’t no play-play cartoon police force. We are professionals and we work very hard to solve these crimes." Professionals...yeah right kml...thanks Supt. for providing the joke of the day!


ayatollah 10 years, 9 months ago

like the reggae song says "them a cartoon bugs bunny''l.m.a.o.


bahamainabroad 10 years, 9 months ago

Well said I hope they look real good in the mirror and see a that is a real refection of all those police who die on duty to keep them safe .Some of us say the dumbest things


USA 10 years, 9 months ago

With all due respect to the police who are not involved in crime yes the crime that is reaking havoc on the streets of this island. All countries have bad seeds and this country had to many bad seeds in the police department. But how can you expect any less, the rate of pay is not what it would be to deter this extra curricular activity, how can you expect anyone to put their life on the line for measly pay, the government should be ashamed of the funds made available to the very source of protection for the people who live here and for those who vacation here. And the police need to stop looking for the quick arrest stop treating the symptom and treat the problem , the problem of reform, there is none, people who commit heinous crime out on bail! You have got to be kidding, prisoners being taken to the middle of town where your " life blood " shops, what is this!!!!! And why hasn't a prison been built on the many out island or cays that can or do have the infrastructure in place , rotate your guards every two weeks , hang those who should be hung, dump the trash, for the sharks to eat. If all these human rights activist want to protest hope they have a boat, and you would see a decline in the drugs being brought to the prisoners because they would need a boat, you might even see a decline in crime. And the slang saying like " stop talking fool " should be spoken in the privacy of your home and not when making a public statement how can you command respect and set an example if you don't use proper English !!!!! 7x21 and a mess like never before , get it together, maybe the Chinese should donate some money for the Bahamas to get the crime under control after all they have a lot at stake here. I am sure it has been discussed after all, they have their own resources for getting things done ! I don't think they would tolerate this in their country and after all this Bahamas is their country too. What may of worked 20 years ago, does not work today. Maybe the only difference from then to now is the Internet and the advantage those who cannot travel have by using this tool. They can go anywhere and never leave the island. We need to pray for GOD to protect us from the attacks of SATAN and from those who look to harm us.


ThisIsOurs 10 years, 9 months ago

It is clear to me that the response to crime is different based on the victim. It's visible even in the press coverage and the public response. We all react more strongly to things that affect us more closely. Take for example Commissioner Greenslade's response when that officer was shot, he had a press conference that very night and an appeal to the nation to help the police. that immediate response did not happen for any murder in the prior weeks.

But I would rightly not expect the police spokesman to admit to that, he cannot


carlh57 10 years, 9 months ago

concernedcitizen, agree with you completely....just don't get confused with some bahamians Mostly politicians/officials, confusing the "facts"...it's a national past time...part of the gene pool here in wonder land...


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