Christie Hails Pinder As A 'Robust And Dynamic Man'


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PRIME Minister Perry Christie said yesterday he will announce in the “coming days” who will be selected to replace Ryan Pinder as minister of financial services.

Mr Christie made his comments in the House of Assembly while paying tribute to Mr Pinder, who he called a “robust and dynamic man.”

Mr Pinder’s resignation from Cabinet will take effect at the end of this month.

He is expected to become Deltec bank’s new chief legal officer, head of wealth management and a member of the bank’s executive committee.

“I am sure there is anticipation and in the coming days that will be a decision that I will make. Rest assured when the decision is made we will go on with business as usual, Mr Speaker, knowing that those opposite have a job to do and we have ours to do,” Mr Christie said.

Mr Christie said Mr Pinder’s reputation for being an “intelligent man” was known internationally.

However, he said it was Mr Pinder’s ability to debate in the House of Assembly that boosted his profile in local politics.

“Wherever I have gone in the region with respect to his performance as minister he has been applauded. He has been recognised for having a grasp of his ministry. I have gone to the United States of America and I have found, much to my surprise, the high esteem they held for him in areas of regulation,” Mr Christie said.

“From the day he was elected to parliament he never hesitated to be ready with no notice and to debate intelligently on any matter. So, Mr Speaker, as he moves into another career and he has before him the determination of the people of Elizabeth and representing them, he said he will continue to represent them from the back bench in parliament. And the people of the Bahamas can expect him to be a robust and dynamic (participant) in future debates.”

The Tribune understands that Pinewood MP Khaalis Rolle is the top contender among two other possible replacements.

Other contenders include Environment Minister Kenred Dorsett and Minister of State for Legal Affairs Damian Gomez, The Tribune was told.

However, according to well-placed sources in the Christie administration, Mr Rolle, who is also the minister of state for investments in the Office of the Prime Minister, is said to have no interest in leading the Ministry of Financial Services.

He has reportedly voiced concerns that the new appointment would disrupt his work with the National Development Plan, which he spearheads.

However, last week Mr Rolle told The Tribune that he would serve in whatever capacity the prime minister desires.


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