Minister fears water theme park firm is preying on poor people


Khaalis Rolle


Tribune Staff Reporter


A DAY after a purported developer defended his business against scam claims, Investments Minister Khaalis Rolle said he is concerned the business might be “preying on poor people.”

Patrick Ferguson, Chairman/CEO of Adventure World Discovering the Waters, told The Tribune on Monday that although no investors are backing his proposed plan for the creation of the first Bahamian-owned amusement and water theme park, he has already started interviewing and hiring people, some of whom have complained about being charged for various services while seeking the job.

“It reeks,” Mr Rolle said of the issue yesterday. “Business isn’t conducted in that way. Nobody is trying to give him bad publicity, but there are some basic principles in doing business and those principles have not been met.”

Mr Ferguson, who has appeared on talk shows and has advertised his business in print media, said he is confident the theme park will open next month.

Mr Rolle said last week that no permits have been issued by the government for the creation of a theme park, however. In response, Mr Ferguson claimed that because he has not brought in foreign investors to help with the project, he does not need a permit from the Minister.

However, Mr Rolle said yesterday: “I’m the Minister of Investments whether local or foreign and anyone investing in this country, I have the ability to go to every single agency and find out the details of that investment and as it stands now, the Ministry of Investments knows nothing about his project.

“There is no permit to build anywhere; there is no property registered in the name of that company. I don’t now any leasing for property to build such a park, so I’m concerned that they may be preying on poor people and if they are preying on poor people, they need to stop it.”

Police Assistant Commissioner Anthony Ferguson said yesterday that police are still investigating the matter.

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