Suggestion on crime prevention

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Prime Minister Perry Christie, I read in the newspaper that you are open for suggestions and crime strategies to fight the war on crime.

I have given many suggestions and crime strategies to help on the war against crime. I like many other Bahamian parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, cousins and friends have lost a loved one to the vexing problem of crime in the Bahamas.

There is a need to first overhaul the educational system in the Bahamas, under performing students and high school dropouts are not able to get a good paying job and most of the time are attracted to the life of being drug dealers and the life of organised crime. The failure to not quickly address a failing government educational system will do more harm and create more problems in the future in regards to crime in the Bahamas.

The numbers of murders happening for the last 10 years – over 100 – is very alarming and it has already impacted the Bahamas’ image, that is going to have a serious impact on tourism.

When the United States Embassy and other foreign embassies are warning their citizens of the dangers of being murdered or robbed when visiting the Bahamas, this will result in a decline of tourists visiting the Bahamas that will have a direct negative impact on the economy, because 75-80 per cent of the Government revenue comes from tourism.

I am willing to give further suggestion, ideas, vision and proven successful crime strategies to help the Bahamian people, Bahamas and Government win the war on crime.

Looking forward to the Prime Minister of the Bahamas Perry Christie and Minister of National Security Bernard Nottage’s request for my suggestion on crime.

Wishing the Bahamian people a One Bahamas,One God and One Nation. God bless the Bahamas and the Bahamian people.



May 3, 2014.


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