How many times must my family and household be assaulted?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I’m fed up. How many times must my family and household be assaulted before I lose my mind and go rampaging across this country using my own gun? I have lived in what used to be called a relatively safe area (Danottage Estates) and my house has been robbed eight times since I have lived here.

On the very day that the police announced its many promotions, my mother and sister were held up at gunpoint in the driveway of our home. This, when only two months ago, the front door of my house was kicked in and the entire house ransacked and many items stolen. What next? It seems to me that home invasions, robberies and now armed robberies are commonplace in our country; it seems to me that criminals are not afraid of the law; it seems to me that common citizens must now be afraid just to live a decent ordinary life; it seems to me that our leaders are exhausted by the situation themselves; it seems to me that we have spun out of control. I hate to admit it, but it appears more and more that refusing the offer made to me to stay in the United States and teach music when I left my schooling years in Princeton, New Jersey, was a very bad idea indeed. I should have stayed, taken the job, got legal residence and brought my family over.

This is not a country where I wish my young nieces and nephews to reside. In fact I have advised them to find a home somewhere else and visit the beach when they feel the need.

I am exhausted and despondent that after working hard all her life as a single parent, my mother can’t enjoy retirement in her own home without fear of robbery or death; I feel despondent and depressed because I feel the need to advise my nieces and nephews to live in a country other than the one of their birth; I feel despondent and depressed because I have become a prisoner in my home; I feel despondent and depressed because I have since turned away offers for friends to visit because I don’t feel it’s a safe place for them to visit. I’m despondent and depressed that after serious financial investments in outdoor lights, alarms systems, powered gates, etc, I still can’t seem to protect my family ... I guess the next move is to get a gun.

This is what I have come to – a Christian man willing to kill another!

This week as I reflect on my friend and former singing chorister Andre Cartwright, who lost his life protecting his family, I am more than aware that my situation today could have been worse than just an armed robbery (can you imagine I am grateful for “just an armed robbery?”) I could be in the position of the Cartwright family or the Davis family who are deeply grieved at the death of a relative. For that I thank God that the lives of my sister and mother were spared.

I’m fed up, despondent and depressed.



October 30, 2014.


duppyVAT 9 years, 5 months ago

Poor fella........ SOLUTION........ leave Nassau, move to da Family Island, apply to da Guvment for one Music teaching job in da public school, teach music on da side and play in one church, get ya rent paid and hardship allowance and ya wont have all dat trouble in Nassau. and bring ya Ma wit ur and ya sista might come too and find one nice island man. If ya single and straight ya might find one gal too ................... and doon be depressed. Get out!!!!!!!!!!!!


SP 9 years, 5 months ago

Another die hard PLP or FNM with a sad story. Yet this individual will more than likely vote for them again.


ohdrap4 9 years, 5 months ago

Dear Adrian:

Home invasions are nothing new.


sansoucireader 9 years, 5 months ago

Adrian, you're not alone with these feelings. For the first time ever we're thinking of applying for British passports like my husband's; never even considered it before.


asiseeit 9 years, 5 months ago

This is how a MAJORITY of right thinking Bahamians feel! This country, in it's current state, is not a place I want to live much less where I want my loved ones to live. Corruption, crime, and a sense of utter hopelessness prevail. Our supposed leaders have failed and continue to fail the nation, where are we to turn for help? The family islands might be a bit safer now but that will not last for long. The violence and crime will engulf them soon enough as the uneducated youth will have no choice but to turn to crime just as in Nassau. Children having children, no education, a lack of jobs, corrupt public officials, community's suffocating in dirt and garbage, zero pride, and the list of negatives goes on. What is there in the Bahamas that IS positive and bright in our country's future? What is there in The Bahamas that would warrant staying in The Bahamas? I really can not give anyone one reason to live here. What a sad and pathetic situation.


DEDDIE 9 years, 5 months ago

Stay where you'll is. If you come to the family islands you most likely bring your criminal nephew with you. We don't want you'll. Nassauians are inherently violent. I hope you agree duppy vat


duppyVAT 9 years, 5 months ago

Those of the quality of Adrian Archer are welcomed in our Family Islands at anytime....... but not the hoodrats, jungliss and borderboys


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