Baby in serious condition after five are shot by armed man

POLICE have arrested a man and a woman following a shooting incident on Wednesday that has left five people detained in hospital, including an infant in "serious" condition.

Around 10.30pm, police report that a group standing outside a home at Key West Street were fired at several times by a male armed with a handgun. Two adult males, an adult female, a young child and an infant received injuries and were taken to hospital. All of their injuries, except for the infant, are listed at not serious. The infant’s condition is listed as serious.

The assailant fled on foot. A short while later, Flying Squad officers arrested an adult male and female in connection with the incident.

Full story in tomorrow's Tribune


arussell 8 years, 8 months ago

I mean this is high time WE as a country and people get together to fight this war on crime. I'm a mother with 2 sons a 13yr and 2yr old. I'm completely SCARED to continue raising my kids in this country, everyday it gets worst and worst. I think we must start with a curfew! Lock this place down! do whatever, take extreme measures just as these criminals.


Emac 8 years, 8 months ago

Even if a curfew is introduced, which I am highly against, it would only be for the people without political connection. The solution to the crime problem is very complex and will takes years to turn around. Unfortunately, when you have corrupt government officials who always step in whenever their family member, lover or friend is in problems with the law, crime will always be rampant. Let's face it- We live in the wild wild west. The only thing the Bahamian people can do is get rid of the two dinosaur parties and start afresh!


icon 8 years, 8 months ago

      well.................I hate to be the bearer of good news here...!!.....but Bahamians..it's time that we arm ourselves.....this government don't have the capacity to see that marshal law is now needed in this God forsaken land?....!,,,,,
      I say!!...if the criminals are armed??..!!..we should petition for all Bahamian's capable, in sound minds, and qualify for the purpose of personal protection!!!...to bear arms,  according to our legislation, as we are entitled to.
      So let's get a petition for new legislation passed,,,and be ready to defend ourselves!!!.....as this police force is highly inadequate, and hate to say??....but somewhat incompetent!. By now the commissioner of police should have seen, the level we are at by now, " DEFCON 1 " and moved swiftly for the military law to take over this country for two years!!.....So thus leaving us to have to petition for an act for " THE RIGHTS FOR US TO BEAR SMALL ARMS "  to defend ourselves!!!

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