Meditation: Ready Or Not

Rev Angela C Bosfield Palacious

AT this time of the year there is no turning back to hold on to 2016. It may have been our best year ever. It may be the year before we retire or believe we will expire; whatever it means to us, it is almost over. If this was a wonderful year then it will be a fabulous memory, as time polishes it up even more. No matter how we feel, it is time to let it go.

For others of us, this was the worst possible year. As we consider all of the news headlines here and abroad, as we recall Hurricane Matthew, home foreclosures, car repossessions, being laid off, or the death of a loved one, 2017 cannot come too soon. We want to leave the pain and sorrow behind, and find something else to think about as the days slip away.

Most of us will have mixed feelings of various kinds about facing the future. What do we dread? There may be general answers that point to situations that could affect all of us: worsening climate changes, more financial insecurities, health or relational challenges, war abroad and civil unrest at home. More specific responses may have to do with our weakness, sins and temptations, personal addictions and family afflictions, or just more of the same with no foreseeable change: the elusive marriage proposal, recurring parenting issues, loneliness or lack of interest in life.

What can we anticipate with some degree of excitement?

  1. For those immersed in politics, an election year gets their blood pumping. Just the thought of rallies, motorcades, door to door visits, and imagined outcome is enough to send up their blood pressure.

  2. The athletically minded have games and competitions to look forward to this coming year, and probably received exercise equipment as gifts in order to get into even better shape.

  3. The gardeners among us are already in full planting mode with even more plans to expand our backyards and gardens to include a wider variety of vegetables, flowers and fruit trees.

  4. There are some whose weddings are being planned for 2017, and others are hoping to have a child by this time next year or just after. Graduations loom on the horizons, new houses are being sought, and those with the travel bug are ready to roam the world.

  5. By far the greatest experience for us to anticipate falls into the category of the spiritual blessings promised, and now realised, in the annual celebration of the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord. Once again we have journeyed to Bethlehem with the Holy Family, and we wait for the visit of the wise men. What will the grace of God do in our hearts this year? What new insights will we receive? How many people will come to know the Lord because of our faithful witness and example inspired by the Holy Spirit?

None of us know for sure what later today will bring, much less tomorrow, and yet a faithful God beckons to us to proceed with prayer and child-like curiosity. Each day prepares us for the next, if we use it wisely. It is a time to draw nearer to God, to pray more regularly, and study the bible more diligently. There are new ministries to explore, and old ones to support.

Let us embrace the opportunities that the unknown has yet to disclose, making the most of every day. This could be the year that the Lord comes, or if he delays His Second Coming, any of the following may occur:

  1. A cure for cancer or any other life-threatening disease may be found.

  2. Refugees may find a welcoming country to begin their lives anew.

  3. New technology may be able to feed all the hungry nutritionally.

  4. More industries may be developed that will diversify our economy without damaging our ecology.

  5. Domestic violence may be completely eradicated.

  6. Our children will take advantage of every educational opportunity.

What else would you add to this list? I would want everyone to know the healing and forgiving love of God and promoting peace and harmony everywhere.

Who know the miracles that God has in store for us this year. Why not get ready for 2017 with a grateful heart and a trusting spirit, because ready or not. it is coming, so we might as well prepare to let God guide us each step of the way.


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