Collect the taxes

EDITOR, The Tribune.

FINDING the $200m required to off-set catastrophic hurricane Matthew damage I suggest in a painless method should be through the collection of the large arrears of Real Property Taxes.

We saw a little ago through shaming the property owner Real Property Tax office was able in days to collect $300,000.

Anyone who has arrears over $100,000 will be listed and the list published... the party will be given 30 days to settle.

No discounting because you will finally comply with the law... full payment + accrued interests. No discounting, Prime Minister none.

Mr Minister of Finance - this is the most simple way to collect more than what is estimated without hurting - raising taxes - raising costs to the-less fortunate or those who comply and pay in full their Real Property tax.

The only problem might be those who will appear on this list are politically close or related or...

I suggest $200m is easy - that’s if you mean what you say and wish to do it the easiest way.

Let’s see fiscal leadership.



October 19, 2016.


Economist 7 years, 4 months ago

Agreed, name, shame and drag them to court.


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