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THE good news about God’s unshakable commitment to mankind is the topic of a local pastor’s new book called “Second Chances”.

Daniel Nottage, pastor of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, said he wants to see the lives of people improved, hence the reason he published the book.

“Second Chances” focuses on God’s unrelenting commitment to extend chance after chance to any and all, he said.

“God never ceases to extend second chances, even when we fail Him or fail with the assignment He has given to us. Furthermore, when we fail in the pursuit of our visions and dreams and become discouraged and frustrated with the whole world, including God, He continues to pursue us and extend second chances.”

Pastor Nottage said he was inspired by a series of sermons which he preached from the book of Jonah. He felt the principles exemplified in this passage are something everyone can benefit from.

“I felt that the transformative principles that were revealed should be put in print and shared with a broader audience, both locally and internationally. I’m convinced that if applied, the valuable principles in the book would lead to an improved way of life for the reader and world in which we all live,” he said.

The book challenges readers to take an introspective look at where they are and take advantage of the second chances that are available to them. “But it issues a further challenge to readers not just to be willing recipients of second chances from God and people, but to be more willing to extend second chances; to be more forgiving, more understanding, more tolerant and accepting of people when they fail, make mistakes or are different that you are,” the author said.

“The overall message of the book is that second chances are a part of God’s nature and should be a part of ours. We have all been and continue to be recipients of second chances and should therefore more readily and willingly extend second chances.”

Pastor Nottage was born and raised in Nassau, where he presently resides with his wife, Rosalyn, and two daughters, Danika and Danielle.

He studied at the College of the Bahamas and the Louisiana Baptist University in Shreveport, Louisiana. Pastor Nottage is a former high school teacher and a preacher. He is presently the pastor of the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in Pinewood Gardens, a member of the Bahamas National Baptist Convention Board of Education; a marriage officer and a Justice of the Peace.

Pastor Nottage’s vision for ministry is to see the presence and power of God manifested and the gifts of the spirit in full operation within the body of Christ.

“Second Chances” is available as an eBook on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com. Hard copies can be found in local bookstores as well as the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church office and online.


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