Updated: Cca Bahamas And Sarkis Clash Over Damages Claim

Baha Mar Courtyard

Baha Mar Courtyard


“CCA Bahamas is proud of the world class Baha Mar resort it constructed and, by any objective measure, the resort is expected to have a substantial beneficial impact on the economy of The Bahamas and its citizens. The lawsuit filed by Mr. Izmirlian is a vindictive and baseless attempt to redeem his own failures to properly manage his companies and their investment in the Baha Mar resort project. Mr. Izmirlian's scattershot allegations are totally false and constitute a gross abuse of the American judicial system. CCA Bahamas will vigorously defend these unfounded claims.

"In stark contrast to the outrageous claims alleged in BML's lawsuit, CCA Bahamas' projects are characterized by excellence, superior quality and trustworthiness. The company's guiding principle is a respect for hard work and a commitment to collaborate with the communities in which it operates. This credo of the company certainly proved no more true than with respect to its tenacious commitment to complete the construction of Baha Mar, a luxury resort complex unrivaled in the Western Hemisphere. CCA Bahamas consistent goal is to help Bahamians build a more prosperous and vibrant country, by constructing happy spaces for Bahamians and the millions of visitors to the islands."


Tribune Staff Reporter


BAHA Mar's original developer Sarkis Izmirlian continued his defence of his $2.25 billion damages claim against China Construction America (CCA), dismissing the former lead contractor's latest statement as nothing more than "damage control" on Friday.

Firing back at CCA's claims which characterised his decision to pursue legal action as "vindictive and baseless," Mr Izmirlian contended his 259-page lawsuit speaks for itself.

In the $2.25bn damages claim filed in the New York State Supreme Court on Sunday, not only does Mr Izmirlian accuse CCA of conducting “one of the largest construction-based frauds in this hemisphere,” he also claims Baha Mar was used as a “massive training exercise” for young and inexperienced workers among other serious allegations.

In the claim, it is also alleged the Chinese contractor earned “tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions” more than it should as a result of uncorrected defects plus inflated and “sham” billings.

And the lawsuit also details several alleged construction defects that, if not caught, would have compromised the health and safety of thousands of tourists, hotel guests and Baha Mar staff.

However, CCA on Friday, in a press statement of its own, boasted of the "world-class" Baha Mar resort and the work it did to perfect the resort.

CCA also denied it breached contracts with Mr Izmirlian and maintained it did all it could to finish the resort.

Responding to that release, Mr Izmirlian said: “No matter what public relations press statements CCA issues to try to do damage control of its public image in this matter, the detailed 259-page lawsuit speaks for itself.”

He continued: "Leaving CCA’s attempted spin aside, the reality is CCA is a defendant in litigation charging it with massive fraud, admitted sabotage, malicious acts of deceit and interference, and breaches of contract."

Mr Izmirlian said CCA must now answer for its wrongdoings in the courtroom.

The government is expected to investigate the allegations laid out by Mr Izmirlian, according to Works Minister Desmond Bannister, who earlier this week said the government would have expected all professionals engaged in the construction of the resort would have done so "properly."


Well_mudda_take_sic 1 year ago

It is impossible for the Red China enterprises involved in the Baha Mar project to "save face" in this matter given all of the more sordid details now known throughout the Bahamian community.


SP 1 year ago

Dancing clown Perry Christie made more than one announcement of Baha Mar pending opening dates which never materialized is damning evidence against CCA which they cannot refute.

Sarkis unquestionably has full access to government records and should have absolutely no problem justifying his case. CCA's best course of action is to bite the bullet and quietly settle this dispute out of court expeditiously.


John 1 year ago

I personally know a plumber who did remedial work at Bah Mar. His company was only allowed to work at night and this was shortly after the restaurants scheduled to be open were flooded and the damages were in the millions.


bogart 1 year ago

All sides, the foreign investor, the local investor, the govt, the nomenklatura, the voters and the people side need to be heard. Its the peoples time. As a nation whose survival is dependent on investors, among others, every complaint by foreign or local investor needs to be examined. Its the peoples time.


John 1 year ago

Well with the US, Canada and the UK already experiencing one of the most bitter cold winter since 1962 and with a lot of the Caribbean still recovering from hurricane damage, Bah Mar will be put to the test in more ways than one. Has all the flaws and shoddy workmanship been corrected. Can BPL keep the power supply on. Can the Bah Mar turn a profit. And can the property not only cleanse its sullied name but attract repeat visitors.


BahamaPundit 1 year ago

Whatever happens, I only ask that this time the battle between these two and the PLP happens in the court room and not in the press. Give our ears a break. Don't want to read accusations and rebuttals hurled on the front page of the print media every other day.


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