$20m spent on western water supply upgrades

New Providence Water Development Company (NPWDCo) has spent almost $20 million over the past year upgrading its water supply infrastructure, with its reverse osmosis plant set to be completed later this summer.

The upgrades include a move from the Mount Pleasant area to new office facilities in the Old Fort Bay Town Centre, next to Custom Computers, which officially opened last week.

"Since the development of the Town Centre, the company has wanted its offices there," explained NPWDCo president, Andrew Symonette. "Many of our customers pay their bills in person so they can now stop by on their way to do their shopping or on their way to work".

NPWDCo currently accepts payments by mail or bank transfer, but is working to establish an online payment service this year via a new website. It has launched a Facebook page to assist the growing company with its communications needs, providing updates in real time and online assistance for minor inquiries.

"We live in a very tech driven world," said Mr Symonette, "People want to be able to find information at any time, as well as view and pay their bills online. We encourage all our customers to visit our Facebook page, and like and follow us at https://www.facebook.com/NPWDCo/. There, we will advise of work upgrades, payment options and new projects."

NPWDCo has been the water and wastewater services provider for western New Providence since 1967. Through its service agreement with the Water & Sewerage Corporation, it continues to service residents in Lyford Cay, Old Fort Bay, Mount Pleasant, Serenity and the surrounding areas.

The company's upgrades are designed to not only improve the product quality and services, but also the 'ease use of doing business' and paying bills.

"We have spent the last year investing almost $20 million in upgrades for the whole distribution network," Mr Symonette said, "removing cast iron and galvanised pipework, and installing new pipework in areas prone to leaks. In addition to this, we are nearing completion of a reverse osmosis desalination plant, greatly improving the quality of product for our customers."

Final work on the reverse osmosis plant is expected to be completed later this summer, at which point NPWDCo will produce and distribute potable water in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.


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