Penile Prosthesis: An Effective Solution For Erectile Dysfunction


Dr Greggory Pinto


Every Bahamian man will face issues with erectile dysfunction at least once in his lifetime. It is an embarrassing affliction that many men suffer with needlessly in silence.

Erectile dysfunction may be related to treatable conditions such as late onset hypogonadism, a deficiency of the male hormone testosterone.

Impaired nerve supply or blood supply secondary to numerous conditions can lead to varying degrees of erectile dysfunction.

It is the role of the urologist to fully and exhaustively investigate the exact cause or causes of a patient’s erectile dysfunction then provide effective management.

Erectile dysfunction often leads to feelings of hopelessness and despair and can lead to a low self-esteem and marital and relationship discord. But all forms of erectile dysfunction are treatable. No Bahamian man should ever lose hope and should never accept a future with no erectile function.

A penile prosthesis surgery is an option in severe cases of erectile dysfunction whereby all other options of treatment have been exhausted.

Men who suffer from diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, as well as those with sickle cell disease, often have high incidences of erectile dysfunction. Survivors of prostate cancer, curative surgery or radiation also may be afflicted with treatment related complications of erectile dysfunction.

The advanced penile prosthesis is a highly effective device with a very high rate of patient and the patient partner’s satisfaction.

The implantable device consists of two inflatable cylinders placed, imperceptibly, within the shaft of the penis, and these cylinders are connected to a fluid reservoir implanted in the groin, with an easily palpable activating small device within the scrotal sac. The simple painless press of the activating button leads to an immediate fully rigid penile erection at will that never fails.

A patient is essentially always ready for sexual intercourse and the pleasurable sensation of the sexual act with ejaculation and the euphoria of an orgasm all remain intact.

The device is not noticeable upon inspection of both an erect and flaccid penis. A man may disclose or keep private the existence of the penile device as it is not detectable by an unknowing partner. The length of the erect penis is not affected as the device implanted is tailored made according to the natural length of the patient’s normal erect penile length.

The stress of achieving an erection and maintaining a high quality fully rigid erection is taken away with the implantation of the device.

Men can achieve an immediate fully satisfying erection at will and the duration at which the full erection is maintained is determined by the patient, with a simple touch of a button. Men can truly rise again, in many cases years after erections were believed to have been unattainable by a multitude of possible medical causes.


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