Cursillo Executives Receive Leadership Training

By David Ferguson, Cursillo lay director

In order to enlighten members of the Cursillo Secretariat on the function and responsibility of each elected position, the first order of business was the training of all officers.

On Saturday, January 6, a training workshop was conducted at the Anglican Diocese, Mount Olivet Retreat Centre at St Anne's, Fox Hill. The trainer for the session was Rodney Williams, a long-serving and dedicated member of the Cursillo Ministry.

Spiritual Advisor for Cursillo, Canon Sebastian Campbell, in his opening remarks reminded members that we are here because we have offered our gifts to the church through Cursillo, and that these gifts should be purposefully used so that the church is edified.

Canon Campbell asked members to recognise those individual gifts, affirm them and enhance them by committing to do whatever is required to assist with building up of the Body of Christ. He challenged all to remain dedicated to God's service, and make attending Cursillo events a priority above all other activities.

He then introduced the presiding Bishop of the Diocese of the Bahamas Turks and Caicos Islands, the Rev Laish Boyd, who took the time out to be present and to address the group at the start of the new administrative period.

In his well-timed charge, Bishop Boyd expressed his pleasure in seeing members of the Secretariat and his delight in being present at the opening session of the training workshop.

He reminded all in attendance that each one was elected by a due process, and that it was extremely important for individuals to know the levels of responsibilities. He then grouped his remaining remarks under the following headings:

• Discipline

You accepted the office that you were called to; he cautioned all to exercise discipline and approach this work intentionally.

• Cooperation

He recommended members to take on the spirit of cooperation; agree to work together as the work of ministry is larger than personalities and definitely not about likes, dislikes, or the level of one's experience etc. The Cursillo Ministry faces some challenges, but these can all be overcome.

• Goodwill

With goodwill that starts from within and overflows to the outside the sky will be the limit; this goodwill is what this slate of officers needs to move the ministry forward. The realities are that the odds are great, challenges many, there is much work to be done, and the numbers of workers is relatively few; but with individual discipline, that spirit of cooperation, and goodwill all tied to individuals remaining faithful, you would be surprise at what God will be able to do through this ministry.

Bishop Body concluded by thanking the spiritual advisor, lay director and members of the Secretariat for the opportunity to address the body and made an appeal to members to get on with the work. He then offered a prayer for the success of this work in ministry.

Mr Williams continued with the training the session by educating the new Secretariat executives on their various roles. The newly elected members received in depth knowledge of their responsibilities and what is expected of them as they endeavour to safeguard the Cursillo method.

• Upcoming Cursillo events: Ultreya in Grand Bahama on February 24; servant community/three-day weekend training workshop on March 10 at the Diocesan Retreat Centre from 3pm, and Lenten Reflections at Holy Spirit Anglican Church beginning at 7pm on March 15. All Anglicans are encouraged to attend Lenten Reflection and the ultreya.

Photo:Rodney Williams, Facilitator


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