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WHILE making resolutions has become the cliché thing to do, many people cannot deny the newness of the year and feel inspired to make numerous commitments in certain areas of their lives.

For example, a mother who has been putting off a self-study course all year may find inspiration to do so now, knowing she has a full 365 days to pursue and accomplish it.

And the Christian who has been trying to get through reading the entire Bible from the book of Genesis straight through to Revelations may use that same inspiration to rededicate himself towards this spiritual goal. Whatever your goal may be, the new year tends to help refocus people and get them on course.

Many Bahamians want to have a much more robust and vibrant Christian experience, and to see that happen they have made some spiritual commitments for 2018.

Build a better relationship with God

Tanya told The Tribune that she hopes to get out of the tradition of only fellowshipping with God on Sundays, and seek out a real, authentic relationship with Christ.

"The Christian experience is supposed to be one based on a relationship with Christ, not something where we just follow traditional practices that lose their impact after a while," she said.

"God wants a friendship with us and this is the reason why I am striving every day to ensure that I learn more about Him and connect with Him on daily basis."

Tanya said she will he accomplish her goal by setting aside private time every day to pray, worship and simply listening to the voice of God.

More God, less me

While making resolutions is not something she usually does, Samita said she has submitted herself to the work of God in her life. This is something she hopes to not only carry on until the end of the year, but hopes it will become a permanent fixture in her life.

"I know that my prayer at the beginning of the year was to, although it may sound cliché, allow the image of God to permeate through me and to be cognizant of His voice at all times," said Samita. "More God, less me."

Get into the Word

Trevor understands that the only way to have a successful and fruitful Christian experience is to really "get into the Word", read his Bible more often so he can "become familiar with the character of Christ". In doing so, he believes his transformation will take place.

"The Bible is a mirror for the Christian. If we want to know how we are supposed to be living then it is in the Word that we must look to. I can't say that I want to be more like God without first knowing who God is or what His character looks like. That really is important to me and I'm making a point to learn more about God every day," he said.

Bear more fruit

Being a Christian without bearing the fruit of the spirit - love, joy, peace, hope and forgiveness - is an oxymoron. It also does not reflect the teachings of Christ that talk about knowing God's people by the fruit in their life.

"This year is all about that for me," said Dominic. "I am not comfortable calling myself a follower of Christ if I am not bearing fruit in my life. If I am always angry all the time, there is no peace in my life. If I am sad, depressed and struggling, then I am like everyone else. Jesus called us to a life that is set apart and different. The only way I know to live that set apart life is to stay closely connected to Him."


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