Word Of Life Puts The Focus On New Year's Goals


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"Focus" was not only the theme, but also the mission statement of the Word of Life Kingdom Ministries' first conference to encourage its members to achieve both their worldly and spiritual goals in 2018.

Word of Life's pastor, Rickeno R Moncur, invited all interested persons to this praise and worship service featuring veteran journalist and media personality Dr Debbie Bartlett, and Apostle Raymond Wells of Living Kingdom Ministries. It was held this past Monday at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium.

"The conference is primarily to help individuals remain focused and disciplined on what it is they desire; their vision and goals for the year 2018. This is the first 'Focus' conference we have hosted, and really the idea came about to motivate others in getting the information they need to remain committed to their goals and dreams throughout the entire year," said Minister Sherika Brown of the Word of Life church.

Minister Brown said it was Pastor Moncur's hope to keep the momentum which accompanies the start of a new year going for several months to come.

She believes the right environment is always important, and at the "Focus" conference church members were able to share their successes and inspire others.

"When you bring them together you allow them to really impart their wisdom. Individuals are allowed to receive it all. I think a lot of people are looking for answers and solutions, so this helps to bring it all together," said Minister Brown.

In Dr Bartlett's speech, Minister Brown said, the journalist highlighted a message of "understanding who you are." She touched on topics such as royalty, the mind, and understanding value. Dr Bartlett also spoke about some of the challenges that she personally experienced over the years and how she remained focused by understanding her value, identity and purpose in the kingdom.

"Apostle Wells highlighted three areas such as: knowing who you are, knowing why you were born, and knowing God's plan for your life. He said if you are going to remain focused and disciplined in the midst of opposition, crisis, difficulties, those three things are going to be critical to remaining focused throughout the year," said Minister Brown.

"He also spoke about how this has helped him and his experience in ministry. He alluded to the fact that he has been married for 25 years and has remained faithful because of those things. He used his personal experience to highlight what has kept him focused."

Overall, Minister Brown said the information given and lessons learned during the conference were often sobering and, in some cases, very insightful.

"I think especially where we were given critical information as to what we need to know in order to remain focused, was motivating. It was something inspiring that gave a sense of direction to a lot of people in attendance," she said.


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