McAlpine quiet in face of criticism from fellow FNM party members


PINERIDGE MP Rev Frederick McAlpine.


Tribune Staff Reporter


PINERIDGE MP Fredrick McAlpine yesterday backed away from the opportunity to respond to fellow party members who have scolded him for his public remarks concerning the Free National Movement and its policies.

Mr McAlpine yesterday told The Tribune he wanted to “reserve comment”, when faced with claims made by FNM Chairman Carl Culmer and former Cabinet minister Tennyson Wells, both of whom called on Mr McAlpine recently to temper his assertions and claims when speaking of the party.

Often brash and opinionated, Mr McAlpine said now wasn’t the best time to speak, implying that he may address the comments made by the men in the future, but in a forum with which he would be more comfortable.

“I will not comment now. I will reserve comment,” he said. “Thank you for reaching out to me, I will reserve comment today.”

At a church service marking the anniversary of the party’s first year in government, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis warned party members not to attack each other or criticise the government’s efforts publicly because it would prop up the opposition’s campaign.

On Thursday, Mr Culmer said he and others in the party have continued to reach out to the first-time MP in an attempt to address his grievances.

However, Mr Wells said it would appear Mr McAlpine does not respect any of the party’s protocols to address issues. He said the MP’s conduct recently has been “most inappropriate”, adding he should know what to say and when to say it.

While some have called for Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis or party executives to reprimand Mr McAlpine, Mr Wells said the right way to handle the matter is to allow the MP to “hang himself” by speaking negatively about his party.

Just a day before their comments, Mr McAlpine, while making a protest against the government in Rawson Square, had said that all Bahamians have the right to hold the government to account on national matters.

“You have a right to protest, once you do so decently and in order,” he said.

“You have a right to hold your government accountable and transparent, and we should have no problem.

“The Free National Movement should have no problem with nobody protesting because after all they are people, and it’s the people’s time.”

Mr McAlpine also used the opportunity to address the government’s handling of the Oban Energies saga and the administration’s failures in Grand Bahama.

“Grand Bahama has the potential to be touristic, industrial, a tech hub… but at the same time, let’s just get it moving,” he told The Tribune.

“Grand Bahama don’t need 50 jobs or 100 jobs, Grand Bahama needs an economic infusion, and not at the expense of destroying the lives of people.

“So, we don’t need just jobs, we need jobs that’s going to get at least 2,000-3,000 people to work in order for Grand Bahama to feel the turn around and the economic impact that it needs to have.”


CatIslandBoy 5 years, 11 months ago

It's about time the Honourable Member keeps his trap shut. First good move he's made since being elected.


sheeprunner12 5 years, 11 months ago

His BALLS have been politically squeezed ......... It is not a good feeling.


sheeprunner12 5 years, 11 months ago

McAlpine has been politically active for 20+ years ..... in both parties and as an Independent .... He has contested GB elections on all three sides (FNM, PLP and Independent) ....... McAlpine is very politically distressed because he has fanciful aspirations of political greatness - but the political elite cannot trust him, because he is a political free agent with no real allegiance to the FNM leadership ....... His Cabinet snub definitely confirmed that he is a political free agent.


pablojay 5 years, 11 months ago

Don't let him tell you that he is speaking for his constituents either because they are very disappointed in him, but like Sheeprunner,said ,that is McAlpine,extremely upset that he did not get what he felt was due to him,after all he is Frederick McApine. Many of his former members are that way because they dared to question or disagree with him; they had to find another church.A former co-worker of mines went to Las Vegas on vacation approximately more than a decade ago and he saw McAlpine at the airport and was shocked to see the great reverend,who was more than thirty pounds heavier than he is now and as mentioned earlier, more than ten years younger, just watch as his church members, young females and all, struggle with his heavy luggage.They went there for a church convention my former co-wo was told. By the way i went to Nassau on a flight from Freeport and Bishop Boyd and i were retrieving our luggage at the same time. I just smiled to myself,remembering the great rev.


SP 5 years, 11 months ago

When was freedom of speech and expression made illegal in the Bahamas?

If Lynden Oscar Pindling, Hubert Alexander Ingraham, and Perry Gladstone Christie had several independent thinking MP's like Pineridge MP Fredrick McAlpine holding them publically accountable, they would all have been better prime ministers and the country might not be in the dire position we now find ourselves!

Pindling, Ingraham, and Christie lost their way practically immediately after tasting absolute power. The yes men, ass kissers and spineless MP's crashed and burned with these failed prime ministers to the point where the electorate voted them ALL OUT.

Mr. McApline should be encouraged to continue his criticisms until he is made satisfied that all is being done for his constituents and on a wider scale ALL Bahamians.

Please continue to be outspoken, demanding and keeping your governments' feet to the fire Mr. McAlpine!

You and many more like you are EXACTLY what this country needs if we are to move forward.


CatIslandBoy 5 years, 11 months ago

While I agree with your writings most of the time, SP, I beg to differ. If the Honourable member is an "independent Thinker", then he should have run for Parliament as an Independent, and see how far that would have gotten him. Of course, we all know that he would never have been elected. However, it seems a bit ungrateful to ride the backs of the FNM to power and then publicly criticize them for all their seemingly "faults". Of course he can offer constructive criticisms to his party and its leaders, but to only do so whenever a microphone is placed before him is not wise.


licks2 5 years, 11 months ago

Right on target. . ."biting they boongy" works better for us the people. . ."loose lips sinks ships". . .but they also "expose" dirt of persons they are mad with. . .the Minister Lloyd "wow statement" may also be a matter of "miffed lips". . .just saying. . .we will see!! Hahahahahaha!


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