Bahamian Women Address Their Practical And Emotional Needs

The “Start Your Engine 2019” event kicked off the year in a positive way with a recent speed mentoring conference hosted by Insight Stage at the Meliá Nassau Beach resort.

Seven leaders at seven tables each shared their own energy and individual life experiences with an enthusiastic audience of women. The topics addressed the practical as well as emotional and spiritual needs we all face in our lives: “Abundance vs Lack”; “10x vs 1x”; “Journey vs Destination”; “Action vs Daydreaming”; “Can vs Can’t”; “Stuck vs Unstuck”, and “Limitless vs Limited”. There was a lot of food for thought and action.

The only criticism from the audience members, who shared 15 minutes at each table, was that it was too short a time at each table. But it provided a good introduction to Insight Stage’s planned monthly events for the rest of the year with similar subject matters on how to live our best lives.

Insight Stage is a community of like-minded individuals who come together to share their best ideas, to discover their purpose, and follow their most passionate dreams.

Each event is a call to action, said organisers, to not only join the community and actively participate, but for all of us to connect on a “soul-ular” level, in order to create “aha!” moments and make life-changing leaps in our personal development.

For more information, visit www.insightstage.org.


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