Miracle Life Offers Congregants The Word Of God Throughout The Week


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IN order to touch the masses, many churches are evolving to accommodate those whose lives don’t allow for worship on Sundays. It is the reason several churches today have incorporated various service times in their schedule, so that people can have flexibility as to how they worship and experience God.

Such is the case at Miracle Life Ministries, a church so committed to seeing lives transformed that it gives people the opportunity to join them several times a week.

Miracle Life starts the week off with morning and evening services on Sundays. As the week progresses, the church hosts Bible study on Tuesday and its “Prophetic Encounter” on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

One of the main highlights of its weekly activities is the Wednesday midday service where attendees can receive a prophetic word from God.

And while this service begins at 1pm, Minister Elect Adena Sherman-Young said its ending time always depends on “how the spirit is moving”.

“This one is what we call the midday encounter and every service is different. You have people that come and say the spirit of the Lord led them to come, they do so and the minute the apostle starts speaking to them, they start crying like a baby,” she said.

As an usher, Minister Elect Sherman-Young said she has seen many people walk through the doors of the church in one state of mind and leave in another.

“So many of them come and you can tell by the look on their face that they are down to their last straw. Some of them have even said this is the last stop for me and by the end of the night they get a word from God and you can see their countenance has changed,” she said.

Minister Elect Sherman-Young said there have been instances where those who have attended the midday service come back and offer testimonies of how God impacted them.

“There was a woman who came back to the service. She stood up and said she, ‘Apostle, you spoke a word to me when I came here and told me that I would get a job. I haven’t been working for 15 years and after that I got a job working in government’,” she said.

The midday service, Minister Elect Sherman-Young noted, is also an additional chance to be fed the word.

“It keeps you connected through the week, and that is what is important about this. We get you started on Sunday, but with these other opportunities to worship they can feed on God’s word much more until they get to Sunday again,” she told Tribune Religion.

Miracle Life Ministries started off as a vision of Prophet Cleon Munroe, who was then under the tutelage of Bishop Tutin Stubbs at the Southland Church of God.

In 2003, Miracle Life Ministries was founded under the name Firm Foundation Kingdom Ministries International.

In the front room of his home, Prophet Munroe hosted scheduled prayer meetings for about eight months with eight regular congregants.

In 2004, Firm Foundation moved to a space on Faith Avenue which seated about 60 people.

News of the ministry began to spread rapidly and the church began to grow and prosper.

In 2005, Prophet Munroe was ordained as pastor by Apostle Raymond Wells, and shortly after, in 2006, the church moved to its Market Street and Cordeaux Avenue location, which seats 200.

At this point, Firm foundation Kingdom Ministries International began to really prosper, but the church was not without its challenges. Despite the rigours of ministry, Pastor Munroe began to nurture two churches and was now recognised as an apostle.

Between the years 2010 and 2013, Firm Foundation Ministries moved to two locations on Blue Hill Road South, and finally settled at its present location off Joe Farrington Road, changing its name to Miracle Life Global Outreach Ministries.

The ministry, said church officials, went through its fair share of trials, and suffered many attacks from people on the outside, but today they are strong, still growing and operating under the power and authority of God.


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