Women Need To Uplift Other Women

By Jeffarah Gibson

Tribune Features Writer


ON the eve of staging an event intended to bring women together in support of one another, Lashima Virgil’s very own sister needed her support.

And like any loving sibling would, Ms Virgil dropped everything she had going on to be by her sister’s side in her time of need.

Ms Virgil is an organiser of the Sisters Supporting Sisters Brunch initiative that was originally scheduled for June 1. However, since Ms Virgil had to assist her sister during a time of illness, the special event has been postponed to August.

“On Friday, May 31, around 12noon, I was speaking to my oldest sister in the United States and she said she wasn’t feeling well and she was going to the hospital. As she told me her symptoms I noticed the signs of a possible stroke and decided I had to go to her. Although the doctors said it was not a stroke, her left side is extremely weak, thus needing assistance 24 hours a day. Therefore, I will not be able to return for a while and have set the proposed dated for August 11,” she said.

The event’s postponement, however, gives more women the chance to participate in an activity that is designed to promote camaraderie, connectedness and community.

Ms Virgil said the coming together through this brunch is something many women need and can benefit from.

“As a person who always reaches out to other women, and is always there when a shoulder is needed, I know the importance of having a community... someone to let you know you are not alone. I believe that a lot of women are hurting and need to be able to count on one another,” she said.

“The aim of the brunch is to network, and support each other, as well as reach out to let others know they are not the only ones who are struggling.”

During the brunch, women will be given tips from leading ladies in various industries, such as a certified public accountant, a dentist, a fitness trainer, and many others. This event is being sponsored by Sperone – Bristol Wines & Spirits.

“Having a community of women that you share your goals and dreams with keeps you accountable to yourself. Everyone needs external affirmation, showing them they are amazing and urging them to keep going. This is called love. I have never met a person that was solely successful on their own,” Ms Virgil told Tribune Woman.

She said opening up to others and embracing the support offered, helped her greatly on her journey. Now, her goal is to inspire women to be each other’s keepers.

“When I opened up with love and in service to the people around me, I found my peer-mentors for the first time. When I need accountability or objective opinions, I now know where to go. There is so much tearing down of women in society when it should be our duty to uphold each other. We have the power to change the conversation when women are being torn down about their bodies, their choices, about how they choose to show up in the world, and instead lead by example by having healthy, happy female friendships,” she said.

Ms Virgil is the owner of L’Event Couture, an event management company that offers full services in planning for weddings, corporate events, parties, fashion shows and more.

She hopes to host many more wholesome and positive events through the company in the near future.

For information on the upcoming Sisters Supporting Sisters Brunch, contact 242-468-7671.


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