Bella Bahama! Local Model Scores Vogue Italia Feature

Bahamian model LaGrea Higgs who was chosen by Vogue's Italian edition for a special photo shoot. Photo: Jenn Terrell

Bahamian model LaGrea Higgs who was chosen by Vogue's Italian edition for a special photo shoot. Photo: Jenn Terrell

By Alesha Cadet

Tribune Features Reporter


You may know the term ‘Bella Italia’, but LaGrea Higgs is delivering ‘Bella Bahama’. The emerging model made her country proud by being chosen by Vogue’s Italian edition for a special female empowerment themed photo shoot. It is a remarkable accomplishment being featured by such a prestigious and high-end brand, and one that LaGrea is celebrating.

When she first started modelling just two years ago she could have never dreamt of reaching such heights in the competitive fashion industry so quickly.

“Last year I auditioned for Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week and that is where it all really began. I was introduced to several photographers and designers that had their work showcased throughout the United States. It was my involvement in NWA Fashion Week that fully submerged me into the fashion/modelling industry,” she told Tribune Weekend.

LaGrea said it was Jenn Terrell, an Arkansas photographer, who reached out to her about a styled shoot that she had in mind. Ms Terrell had her work previously featured in Vogue Italia and she thought LaGrea would be the perfect model to execute a new concept.

“Everyone involved in the planning and execution of the shoot were women. This in itself was something to be more than proud of. The experience was pretty surreal. I still cannot believe that a little island girl like me was chosen to be featured in such a world-renowned magazine like Vogue. When I first received the news, I was shocked, then there were tears of joy followed by total disbelief,” she said.

The feature that was selected by Vogue Italia is a styled, female empowerment shoot. On February 12, 2019, the first of five images of LaGrea displayed on Vogue Italia’s Photovogue section. The images have not been released in physical copies as yet. 

“All of the images chosen spoke for themselves. They are all images that exude strength, confidence and the power of being a woman. I am humbled and very proud to have been featured. This entire experience has made me excited. I am eager to see what other opportunities are in store for me. It has also given me boost in confidence to know that I can continue my journey in this industry,” said LaGrea.

She added that the feedback she has received have been from family and friends has been amazing. “I do not think a lot of Bahamians know about it yet. However, the feedback I have received so far has all been positive and encouraging and for this, I am so grateful,” she said.

For the remainder of the year, LaGrea will continue to work on her networking, as she said one never knows where or when the next opportunity will come from. She is determined to put herself out there and make a name for herself.


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