Crushing Part Ii: Balance In Brokenness


This journey through TD Jakes’ “Crushing” is certainly giving us more than enough food for thought. In countless ways it is taking me back to many of the more painful experiences of my life, causing me to reevaluate; looking at them in a different light. Where I saw devastation, I now see a road, taking me in the direction God meant for me to go. So many plans have been changed – old dreams, desires and expectations shifted for new ones.

Do I have all I want? No. But I now see that each step has brought me further into alignment with the person I was intended to be from the very beginning. In many ways, I’ve returned to the right path.

To be sure, I have come a really long way, as I’m certain we all have. Recently, I have received voice notes and messages of amazing testimonies of just how crushing and painful experiences led to harvests of ministry, family, and breakthrough in many areas.

Today’s article is a prime example. According to my agenda, we should be discussing Now Vs Next – answering the question, why hold onto something now that has no bearing on the next move of God in your life? We should be discussing how crushing takes us into a different season meant to bring about:

  1. Faith – as we begin to trust God in greater measure

  2. Obedience – as we seek to complete His will in the earth, and fulfil our purpose

  3. Service – as we find our individual paths and begin to work, using each gift and capability to His honour

I should be pointing out the different signs to look for when a season changes. Or at least sharing how the phenomena of changing seasons can’t be orchestrated only observed.

But I got a message from a listener sharing his amazing testimony of losing everything and having to move to a different country. During this ordeal, his daughter, Journey, was born. It turns out, one of the worst experiences of his life also became one of the best.

John 12:24 teaches the lesson of process. It shares that a seed goes into the ground and dies, it cannot grow and bear fruit, creating more seeds. The lesson here is very simple. Unless we die in certain areas, we cannot grow or find our potential in others.

In chapter two, Jakes suggests that the main goal of our crushing is not for the present, nor does it work for some temporary good. He implies that the pain, the waiting, the trouble that is allowed, all works together for a greater, more eternal benefit. His hidden suggestion is that to forego the process of our crushing means denying our greater potential.

Fortunately, when it comes to process, there is always balance in the breaking. What exactly do I mean? Well, let look at the miracle of childbirth.

A painful ordeal to be certain, it is balanced with the hope and joy of new life and new possibilities. Isn’t it just like God to love us enough to give us balance in our brokenness?

Any new level comes with its share of discomfort but in the midst of it, God allows beauty, joy or amazing breakthroughs to prove we are not alone.

Jakes himself testifies in chapter two of “Crushing”, how in the midst of all the agony of his life, he achieved great success- dying in many areas, so that he could live and thrive in others.

God’s promise to us is the same, “I will not leave you comfortless!” A reminder that our tears will be balanced with laughter; pain, with joy; despair, with hope – in all the crushing seasons of our lives.

God bless you this week!


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