Lloyd ‘disappointed’ by teachers’ actions

EDUCATION Minister Jeff Lloyd.

EDUCATION Minister Jeff Lloyd.


Tribune Staff Reporter


EDUCATION Minister Jeff Lloyd expressed disappointment in the actions of some of the teachers at CH Reeves Junior High School yesterday.

The teachers engaged in a protest recently.

Speaking to reporters outside of Cabinet, Mr Lloyd said his ministry is seeking to resolve whatever outstanding issues the teachers have.

He said: “I’m advised that there were concerns with regards to classroom space, that matter, I’m advised, has been resolved. I was also advised that teachers were unhappy about having to float. . . from one classroom to the next. I understand that matter too is being resolved. The principal, along with the district superintendent and our main offices, are seeking to address that.”

He added that he is “painfully disappointed” that the processes outlined for disagreements between union members and the Ministry of Education were not followed in this case.

Mr Lloyd said if the industrial agreement in question is no longer serving its purpose, all parties need to sit down and come to a new agreement.

“This is deeply troubling; it is troubling because, one, we have an agreement. That agreement should be respected, if that agreement and its terms no longer serve the purpose for which it was originally intended and it does not serve those purposes today, they’re adults, we are reasonable, intelligent and smart people,” he said.

“We have no difficulty with that whatsoever. We want what is best for our teachers, administrators and, most importantly, for our students. When our employees, some of them without notice, take it upon themselves and leave their workstation and leave vulnerable and at risk our precious little girls and boys.”

Mr Lloyd added: “In the case of CH Reeves...it is most unfortunate, unfair and dangerous because these are children. Their parents have sent them to school with the expectation – legitimate expectation – that they will be cared for by adults. Caring adults, responsible adults and when actions of this nature are taken let me say that I am most disappointed.”

When asked if the ministry had concerns about the students falling behind, Mr Lloyd said: “We already only have 180 days to fulfill our curriculum requirement in this country. We need more like 200 days, but we have 180 days. So, every day that a student is deprived of these very important and critical instructional times, of course it is a concern for us. Naturally it must be a concern and I cannot understand why if there is a grievance – come to the table, let’s talk about it.

“Let’s try to find solutions, let’s sit and work together.”

Earlier this month, a CH Reeves teacher explained the issues instructors have with their workplace.

Topping the list of concerns, the teacher said, is the delay in the completion of the main block at the C H Reeves.

“Let me help sensitise to you why this is such a major issue. It is the largest of our four teaching spaces and houses the largest percentage of classrooms, offices, and the main assembly meeting space. Because it is out of use, there are cases where teachers have been asked to combine classes in a singular space,” she said.

She noted that teachers were initially told that the block would be open by mid-September, but it didn’t happen.

“Additional challenges faced because of it include, multiple teachers floating and clashing in rooms that are already occupied, a more confined and chaotic assembly space and chaos during break and lunch time as there is only one tuck shop open for usage by nearly 1,000 students,” she said.


sheeprunner12 4 years, 4 months ago

What does "am advised" mean????? .......... If he walked the grounds of these schools, he should KNOW the state of the schools ....... except he is blind, deaf and dumb.


TheMadHatter 4 years, 4 months ago

It's like these guys lose all connection with the planet Earth after election is over.


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