Families That Exercise Together Build Stronger Bonds

New challenge seeks to crown ‘Evolve Fitness Family’

The team at Evolve Functional Fitness has put out a call for 20 or more families to participate in a new at-home fitness challenge.

With whole families stuck at home together during the ongoing lockdown, Evolve said there is no better time to engage in physical exercise as a unit and help each other stay fit and healthy.

The goal is for people to put their phones down for 30 minutes each day, connect with one another as a family, express gratitude for things taken for granted, and recognise exercise is possible in surprising places.

Calling the initiative the “Co Fit Challenge: Revamp You Family’s Health”, participants are eligible to win fun prizes and the title of “Evolve’s Fitness Family”.

“We are a family fitness gym. We work with all ages, from newborns and their parents, to 109-year-olds,” said Tangerine Curry-Dinnick, Evolve’s owner. “Fitness should be fun, and a part of our regular routine.”

Before the quarantine restrictions were put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Evolve was running a successful 42-day weight loss challenge for its members. During this challenge participants were guided by fitness, nutrition and accountability coaches along the way.

In coming up with a challenge to offer during lockdown, Ms Curry-Dinnick said they wanted to keep in mind that not everyone has a scale or measuring tape at home.

“When coming up with a challenge we could promote, we wanted to keep with what we are all about: family fitness. This challenge is about getting people moving and encouraging everyone in their house to participate. You will find that you discover so much about each other while laughing and getting that heart rate up. We will also be making families aware of what they are grateful for in this time,” she said.

Participating in a challenge like this, Ms Curry-Dinnick said, can also makepeople more aware of their eating habits and help themto plan better schedules and diets.

“You will get your heart rate up at least once a day through fun 30-minute workouts, all while creating a fun bond with family members,”she said.

“It’s important for people to move and stay active during this pandemic and this allows my coaches to continue doing what they love and get something for it. I am looking forward to seeing how creative (the families) get in completing the mini challenges. I look forward to building a community that is posting pictures of them having together-time.

“Wanting to do something to help others helps keep me motivated. Trying my best to keep a workout schedule and daily schedule helps too.”

She added: “Fitness becomes a lifestyle when you start feeling and seeing the results. If you enjoy it, you will stick with it. This is the best time to get started, because we all have some extra time on our hands and it’s in the privacy of your own home with the people you love doing it, too. Once you find the love, then it becomes your routine, either at home or in a gym space.”

To sign up for the family fitness challenge, check out ‘evolvebahamas’ on the Facebook events page. The challenge will be held every two weeks.


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