United Worship Experiences Prepares Bahamians To ‘Come Alive’ Again After Lockdown


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As the saying goes, ‘the show must go on’. Andit is one the members of the United Worship Experiences are taking to heart. This week, they hosted a virtual worshipper’s retreat under the theme “Come Alive”.

Starting Tuesday, viewers tuned in to see a selection of worship leaders, praise teams, musicians and speakers on the church’s Facebook page and on Zoom. Sessions kicked off as early as 5am, with additional broadcasts at at 2 pm, 7 pm and 8.30pm.

Speakers included Pastor Necole Watson-Adejumo of Nassau; Samuel Medas of Georgetown, Guyana; Mericha Walker, Joinae Gibson, Alessandro Major and others. The retreat is set to conclude today.

“‘Come Alive’ is a retreat for all worship pastors, worship leaders, psalmists, musicians and music departments here in the Bahamas to come and be refreshed,” said Stefphen Sands, CEO of the United Worship Experiences.

“Most of the time these people are in the trenches making sure that the congregation is refreshed and revived every Sunday to keep them during the week. This year it’s being done online as we practice social distancing here in Nassau. We are using the platform Zoom primarily because of the condition that the world is in now where everything is pretty much done online.”

Speaking of the inspiration behind the retreat’s “Come Alive” theme, Mr Sands said church leaders, too, get burned out and have the need for a break and some rest to rejuvenate themselves. He believes as Bahamians are now in time of rest and isolation it is best to focus on coming alive again after this extended period.

“We want to rest and then come alive as we shift in the months ahead and take on this ‘new normal’ in our country. I feel very proud actually to do my part in this way. I feel privileged in helping others revive their passion, but most of all, proud that I can actually get God’s will done. I would say to persons to continue to trust in the Lord, lean not on thine own understanding, but in all thy ways acknowledge Him and he’ll direct thy path. Trust Him with your life, as living a purposeful life trumps everything. Trust Him that at the end of all of this, there is a light at the end of the tunnel,” said Mr Sands.

Over the past five years, he said, the United Worship Experiences has seen tremendous growth and the organisation has been called upon by many Bahamians to create various platforms to reach the faithful.

“The United Worship Experiences is known for its worship events, conferences and gatherings. We’ve been able to establish connections with the various international guest artists who have branched out to other islands in the Bahamas. These artists are being exposed to different ministries around the country and even abroad. As the quarantine weeks continue, persons can expect more master classes on various areas of life coming from the United Worship Experiences. They can look forward to business, spiritual and physical forums, discussions, and talk shows on music and entertainment,” said Mr Sands.


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