Turnquest Confirms Senior Official Has Quit Bahamasair



BAHAMASAIR Chairman Tommy Turnquest has confirmed the resignation of the airline's director of maintenance, Prince Storr.

Mr Turnquest said Mr Storr resigned on Monday and the airline is looking internally to fill the vacancy. He confirmed that Mr. Storr will be compensated for his over 30 years of loyalty to the company.

"When people resign, you got to deal with it," the chairman said. "So, it's the role of executive management and the board to ensure that you know Bahamasair has a fully functioning maintenance department headed by a director of maintenance and that's what we're about to do to find a successor."

Word of Mr Storr's resignation came out this week after Progressive Liberal Party Leader Philip Davis addressed the matter on Monday.

While the reason behind the resignation is unclear, in a press statement, Mr David called Mr Storr's "sudden" departure "highly suspicious" following three Bahamasair planes being blocked entering the US because the airline had not complied with a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rule.

"The policy failure rests with the Bahamasair minister and board chairman," Mr Davis said. "It would be very unfortunate if their actions played any part in Mr Storr's resignation. Our hope is that Bahamasair properly compensates Mr Storr in a manner commensurate with his years of service, seniority and in line with established company policies and practices."

Back in 2010, FAA required all aircraft to be equipped with ADS-B avionics by January 1, 2020. However, the airline had difficulty getting the necessary kits for 737-500 planes by the deadline. Mr Turnquest had previously told The Tribune that Bahamasair discovered it had been given a waiver but was unaware of the stipulations. He said the problem is expected to be resolved by January 31 .


The_Oracle 1 year, 4 months ago

But is it the ADS-B situation or some other maintenance situation he has resigned on? In a matter of public trust (are we flying a safe carrier?) it aught to be disclosed.


DWW 1 year, 4 months ago

is this a first for the bahamas? the first time a govt employee who got his job from his MP is actually maning up and taking responsibility for his actions. i hope this becomes a shining example of how to conduct oneself when in hte service of hte public.


proudloudandfnm 1 year, 4 months ago

How can the board and chairman be responsible? Neither board members or the chairman run the day to day. Of course it's the executives that carry the blame...


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