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A POPULAR West Bay Street cocktail bar and coffee shop announced yesterday its decision to cease operations until the government eases COVID-19 restrictions.

In a Facebook post, Bon Vivants in Sandyport said the move was “gut wrenching”, but it had no other choice as the harsh reality was that by remaining open for curbside service, the business lost more money than it would by closing completely.

“Between having to pay vendors, inventory, electricity, our staff and rent we will continue to lose more money than serving the public,” management said.

Beginning November 9, the bar/coffee shop will close until measures allow for outdoor service again.

The announcement included an appeal from Bon Vivants to the government to find a better way for businesses to remain in operation that provides balance between small business economics and pandemic protocols.

“We have exhausted every single option we could to continue to serve you day in and day out, but the truth of the matter is doing curbside is not sufficient or conducive to continue to stay open,” the establishment’s management said.

“The goal for every single restaurant or retail business right now is to make just enough money to scrape by, to pay rent, to pay their staff and hope to just survive. We and every other business in the Bahamas for that matter are not expecting to make money right now.

“We know that the current climate just won’t allow it, but we also cannot sit back and bleed money hand over foot or we will be forced to close permanently.

“The harsh reality is that by remaining open for curbside service, we lose more money than we do by closing our doors completely. Between having to pay vendors, inventory, electricity, our staff and rent we will continue to lose more money than serving the public.”

Bon Vivants employs 14 workers.

“It is absolutely gut-wrenching and heartbreaking to tell these incredible, smart, kind and hardworking human beings that they are now left to fend for themselves until we are able to begin, at the very least, outdoor service again,” the establishment said.

“Keep in mind, we are just a blip on the map of the Bahamas hospitality/retail sector and there are nearly 20,000+ other jobs at stake.

“So with a heavy heart, beginning Monday, November 9, BV will close its doors until the government eases measures to begin outdoor service again. It is a tough call to make but the moment we are allowed to serve you again outside, we will be open.

“We beg those in charge to re-evaluate and find a better solution for all. No one wants to put anyone at risk, we are not asking for indoor service or to go back to life as normal pre-covid, but there needs to be more balance.”

Outdoor and indoor dining is prohibited in New Providence under current COVID-19 emergency protocols. Restaurants/eateries are only allowed to provide takeaway or delivery service until further notice.


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