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Anna Lewis


Tribune Newspaper Interview


THROUGH HER love for God, writing, family, the youth in the community, and life experiences over the years, Anna Lewis has turned her pain into poetry.

“I am the eldest child and only daughter of four children, but sadly I grew up in an abusive home. I’ve learned over the years that you can allow situations to make you or break you, and in my case I’ll use the proverbial phrase 'I took the lemons of life and made lemonade'. I write about love, forgiveness, molestation, taking the mask off, knowing who you are, struggles men face in life, and more. I write about situations people may be afraid to speak about or they may think they are going through their struggles alone. I try to, with the inspiration of God, to encourage my readers to keep their heads up and turn to God,” said Ms Lewis.

She said her newest book, “Thoughts of A Thinker: Life of Poetry” is relatable to young and older women, boys and men, with a variety of different topics that includes spiritual, personal, emotional and reflective poems.

“I am a very good listener and I feel the emotions of individuals sometimes, without them even saying a word. So at those times I’m also led to write as an encouragement. Having myself gone through so many life experiences I can relate to a lot of people. My poems allow you to relate with the words and search yourself.

This is my first book but it definitely is not the last, as I’m already working on something else. It feels great to have accomplished such a task. I am honestly very humbled by this accomplishment and to God I give all the glory for blessing me with such a gift which I always had within but only needed activation and the right timing, God’s timing,” said Ms Lewis.

Having battled depression, low self-esteem, peer pressure and society pressure as a young girl and an adult, Ms Lewis said she has always tried to figure out what’s her purpose for being alive, and what is her gifting. She wanted to connect with something uniquely Anna because comparing herself to others was a common occurrence in her life.

“After much prayer and conversations with God, I suddenly had the urge and inspiration to write. Initially everything gave me inspiration from the birds flying to the waves crashing against the rocks, and that is when I realised God had heard and answered my prayers. I would change nothing about my book. All things in my opinion happen for a reason. The name of my book speaks for itself. I am a thinker and God has blessed me with the unique gift to turn life situations into poetry,” said Ms Lewis.

She said a book launch was initially scheduled to take place back in July but due to social distancing restrictions, it was cancelled. With a number of requests from her supporters, Ms Lewis decided to announce the launch of the new book via her Facebook friends and social media contacts.

She said: “I’ve also been introducing myself and poems to social media via spoken word, a number of videos with me actually speaking my poems randomly. I was a little disappointed that my book launch had to be cancelled as I wanted to come out with a bang, but like I said earlier, all things happen for a reason so I’m just grateful to get my book of poetry out there to the world by any means necessary. My intent is to just be an encouragement to someone, and I know my living will not be in vain.

"All that have purchased and read my book thus far have expressed their enjoyment and stated how much of a blessing it has been. To them I say a great big thank you and to God be the glory."

Her books are now available for purchase and can be obtained by contacting Ms Lewis at 812-4933. “For those on Eleuthera I can deliver and those in Nassau or any of the other family islands, we can make arrangements for them to obtain their copy. Thoughts of a Thinker: Life of Poetry is also available on Amazon through paperback and Kindle version,” she said.


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