Report On Dumped Wood Forwarded To Police Force

A REPORT from the Department of Customs about the unlawful dumping of contaminated wood in Freeport, Grand Bahama, last month has been forwarded to the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Department of Public Prosecutions for review.

Last night, the Office of the Attorney General said the Cabinet sub-committee charged with reviewing the circumstances that permitted the dumping around July 24 had received a final report from Comptroller of Customs Dr Genine Moss.

The statement said Dr Moss, from the Department of Customs’ perspective, completed a full review of the facts and available documentation.

“That report has now been forwarded to the commissioner of police for further investigations, as well as to the director of public prosecutions,” the AG’s Office said.

Last month, activists were outraged over the docking and offloading of a cargo ship laden with a shipment of wood infested with an invasive beetle that destroys crops.

The Tribune previously reported that the Pan Jasmine cargo vessel was initially inspected by US federal agents near New Orleans and denied entry after the cargo of wood was discovered infested with a type of Asian beetle that has been destroying trees in the US for about 25 years.

According to reports, the ship was ordered to leave US waters and departed on July 21 for Freeport for disposal.

The infested wood was taken to the Pineridge Landfill in Freeport where it was fumigated and burned, according to a press statement released by the government through Bahamas Information Services.

It was reported that the wood “was offloaded without the prior knowledge, consent or approval” of the relevant Bahamian authorities.

At the time, officials said several government agencies and the police were investigating the circumstances concerning any breach of the country’s laws and procedures regarding the incident.


tribanon 3 months, 1 week ago

And absolutely nothing else will come of this, like so many other things under this incompetent Minnis-led FNM administration.


John 3 months, 1 week ago

Then what? So what time is the next barge of contaminated debris scheduled to arrive? Can someone instruct them to dump this set in Parliament Square, because that where it all begins.


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