A COMIC'S VIEW: Supply chain Christmas list is a little short


CHRISTMAS is in the air, it’s obvious if you look around town though that the pandemic is still having its effects.

No Christmas Carnival and sadly NO JUNKANOO!! Add the global shipping crisis into the equation and we are looking at an edited version of Christmas.

However, better an edited Christmas than no Christmas at all.

Due to the aforementioned global shipping crisis, local merchants have had an extremely hard time importing their Christmas stock in time for the busy Christmas shopping season.

Additionally the slew of online shoppers and local shipping companies are faced with the same hurdles in regards to goods, shipping and delivery.

This seems to be quite the dilemma for some, for others it’s an opportunity to creatively regift.



gerund or present participle: re-gifting

give (an unwanted gift that one has received) to someone else as a gift.”do you think she’ll regift that horrendous vase?” I made sure to include the definition, so there is no confusion moving forward.


Socks, alcohol and scented candles have been revealed to be among the most commonly regifted items in a survey conducted by Vistaprint.

Christmas in 2021 is going to be different for many of us in The Bahamas, and now Bahamians are calling for more thoughtfulness when choosing gifts this festive season.

Covid-19 has made us all realise the value of family and friends during the pandemic, especially after the majority of Bahamians have admitted to having a hard time making ends meet in 2021.

Not to be held down, in true Bahamian fashion many Bahamians will get creative and re-gift items from holidays past.

Items that were probably a re-gift in the first place!

Attention re-gifters, I know some of you will re-gift no matter what the occasion, so this Christmas please let your conscience be your guide and refer to the list below, your fellow Bahamians aren’t as “fool” as some of you re-gifters think we are.

We know when you are “re-gifting” us.


• A basket of scented items

• Scented candle

• Empty picture frame

• Beauty gift sets

• Box of chocolates

• Novelty mugs/cups

• Alcohol

• Socks

• Gift basket of food

• Novelty stationery


While we are at it, Secret Santa is an annual event amongst co-workers in many Bahamian businesses.

Bahamians on average spend $16.49 on a Secret Santa gift, with thoughtful sentimental gifts leading the way with funny gifts also holding their own in the market.


Here’s another heads up in regards to ‘Secret Santa’ and what never to gift a co worker.

• Something that looks cheap

• Gifts below the budget

• X rated gifts

FYI - Never re-gift a used adult X-rated gift, that will cost you your friendship and possibly some teeth!

Until next week and the annual A Comic’s View - T’was the Night Before Christmas, please remember the reason for the season and to be thankful for what you have, and not what you don’t.


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