The Importance Of Fathers In The Home

Former gospel rapper turned author promotes the family unit


SINGER, author and marriage proponent Dominique Forbes.


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Dominique Forbes is an evolved woman. We were first introduced to her as Junior Prodigy, or “JP” for short - a young gospel rapper and mother-of-one seeking to spread her message through music.

Dominique has since dropped the title of Junior Prodigy, has developed her singing voice so she no longer raps, is a wife, a mother-of-five, and is now focusing on what she sees as her call in life: to guide people through marriage and family life.

“I have been building a nation,” said Dominique about her being lowkey over the past few years.

“I’m also married now. In February of this year, Sir Sidney and I will be celebrating six wonderful years of marriage. In essence, I engrossed myself in marriage and family life. I have been heavily devoting my time to marriage and family life ministry. I believe in studying to show myself improved, so prior to marriage and throughout the past five years. I have dedicated my time to becoming a student of it. I am far from obtaining my degree in this area, however, I am confident enough to expand my reach,” she said.

Marriage is the platform from which all of Dominique’s current and future work will stem.

Apart from her music venture, Dominique is seeking to breathe new life into Bahamian families with her first book, “Where is Daddy? The Stay Put Series”.

The book addresses marriage, the importance of a father’s presence within the home and consequently speaks to dire effects of a single-parent home.

She said it was inspired by a conversation she had with a family member about the presence of fathers.


THE COVER for Where is Daddy?

“During a conversation with my cousin Derenika in Bain Town she asked me if I noticed the excitement that the children have when their father arrives at home. Her words opened my eyes. Then the series was born,” she said.

“Her words shine the light on a globally grim view. For a long time, fathers have been described as a ‘killjoy’ when they walk into the home. Clearly that is not the case for neither of our households. So I decided to write about it. We cannot be the only ones witnessing said joy.”

Dominique grew up in a single-parent home, a home with both a mother and father figure and a divorced home. Throughout each phase of life, her biological father was the man caught behind “enemy lines”, she said.

Having this perspective to draw from, Dominique said understood the importance of showing fathers in a good light.

“I consider it a blessing to watch the glee on my children’s faces on a daily basis when their father walks through the door. Our family photo can be found on the book cover. I want the readers to pay special attention to the fact that (our son) Samuel is looking up at his father and that was not planned; it was natural,” she said.

She hopes that after finishing her book, readers will understand the need for fathers to be present in every Bahamian home.

“Fathers are needed within the home. I received (tremendous) support when I was a strong – bitter; independent – untrusting; single – unforgiving - mother. The moment I got married and started promoting marriage, that fanbase dissolved faster than salt in hot water. I, Dominique Forbes, remain unmoved, however,” she said.

Dominique’s passion for long-lasting love and stable relationships is also reflected in her love song, “You A Keeper,” which she released in late 2010 after winning The Guinness Talent Search in 2011.

“Marriage was designed by God. Invite Him into the picture. He’s got the recipe to keep marriages together.”

The “Where Is Daddy? – Stay Put Series” is now available on Kindle and soon also in paperback.

For more information, contact dlforbes2015@gmail.com.


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